Wishing on Dandelions │Pt. 9: TDSATVW

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To escape the Direwolf Sorcerer, Mavis, the Vampire Witch, is making a concerted effort to stay awake. She fears that if she has another dream about Nathan, she may be taken in by his alluring sorcery. After what happened when they last met, she is still in sheer panic.

Being awake is not particularly difficult for vampires, but because she is a half-human witch, she cannot withstand the allure of her cozy bedroom.

"I just need to fill my day with activities, so maybe I'll leave for work early today." she uttered to herself as she got herself ready to go to her office.

Mavis reached the bus station on foot and waited for her turn to board the bus. She felt the winter cold on her face while traveling, which made her eyes water and made her feel sleepy like a lullaby. She tries to fight the urge to fall asleep for a while, but it is too strong and she eventually gives in and falls asleep.

Strangely, the intercom connected to the building's foyer rang, waking her asleep in the office. As papers piled up in front of her, she searched for a phone-like device. When she answered, the guard on duty asked for Mavis to come down because someone had asked for her in the lobby. Mystified as to who that person was so early in the morning, she hung up the phone and got into the elevator.

As soon as she entered the foyer, she saw Nathan sitting on the couch in the corner. She felt a sudden rush of blood in her pale-colored face. That's bad.

"Avoiding me?" Nathan asked.

"N-no." Mavis stammered.

"Then, come with me." He said.

"What about my job? I have a lot of deadlines to meet—" The Direwolf Sorcerer snapped his fingers before she had even finished speaking.

As usual when he wants to silence her, Nathan cast a spell. He stopped the ticking of all the clocks. Even the birds stopped flying, and the branches of the trees stopped swaying. The entire world came to a halt except for them two. It's just him and her.

"Let's go?" Nathan offered his hand to the lady.

"Otay." Mavis nodded and take his hand.

They teleported to the entrance of the dark and terrifying maze they'd been in a month ago. She got scarred and confused at the same time.

"W-What are we doing here?" She asked. Grasping herself, she could feel the freezing cold in her skin.

"Do you trust me?" He asked her.

She nodded despite her mind being consumed with horror. She went after her heart. Either act now or never. There is no turning back at this point; she made the risky choice regardless of the danger. She trusted him, as though it was the nicest thing she had ever done.

They took out their wands and began entering the dark maze. The Dementors flew toward them as the wind blew. They both cast their Patronus Charms, a wolf patronus appeared on him and a koala patronus on her. A few walks after, She can see the light. Maybe that's where the maze ends.

However, thousands of Dementors appeared out of nowhere. Taking their happy memories with them. They don't seem to be decreasing at all, but the two know that when they work together, they are more powerful. They exchanged glances and screamed the powerful spell.

"Expecto Patronum!"

A blinding beam of light appeared and swept all of the Dementors away. They did it. As always. Their kisses are powerful, but together they can defeat anything gets in their way. Finally, the last step out of the maze. It's funny how the lost souls like them find their way out. They're both idiots when it comes to directions, but they made it.

The blissful breeze is blowing. They're finally in the dandelion field that they once walk through. They're lovely as ever. She noticed him holding a dandelion. Placed it in a glass and cast a spell on it to make it everlasting.

"With your forever dandelion, you can finally make a wish whenever you want. Make sure you take care of that so you can always find your way home to me. Happy Birthday, Smol bean." He said with a sweetest smile on his face.

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Hi there! Sorry for the late update about this series. My mind is just preoccupied and worried sick about the bebuu. Hope he gets well soon.

Anyway, how about you?

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Aw. This brings back all the nostalgia. Feels like home 🥺🥰

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Landian moments never failed, really. Hahaha! 🥰

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