Trapped in Their Own Maze | Pt. 4: TDSATVW

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It's been a week, and Mavis, the Vampire Witch, is wondering why the Direwolf Sorcerer hasn't visited her in her dreams. Every night she dreams about his face, only his lovely face. But those dreams ended abruptly, and she felt as if she missed him. That Nathan guy from her dreams.

She decided to skip work that day. She'll go back to the place where it all started. To the abandoned gallery. Something in her seemed to have changed since the day she got there. It's as though the missing piece within her has been found.

Over the decades, it seems that the same scenario has happened over and over in her life. Yes, her profession changes with each decade, but her life events keep repeating themselves. It always boils down to this. Alone. Every now and then, she gets tired of being an immortal. She, too, wishes to experience death. She, too, wishes to see the true ending. Six feet under the ground. She's tired.

She's deficient in vitamin D, which absorbs iron, making her anemic and perhaps leading to heart failure, possibly because she's ceased doing what other vampires do. And it's possible that her sickness is causing her to be emotional and depressed most of the time.

She didn't realize she was standing in front of an abandoned gallery after trekking for hours in the middle of nowhere. She turned the doorknob and pushed it open. She was greeted with paintings strewn throughout the room. It's as though strange people have come in to destroy the place. Her attention was caught to a painting of a frightening maze. The dread it conjures made her shudder just looking at it.

She touches the artwork with her finger, and it feels like liquid with a magnetic pull that drags her within. She found herself in the enchanted rice field, which gives her the impression that she is walking beside golden grass and inhaling in fresh air. This place is familiar to her. She saw this place in a photograph she can't remember where, and she knows what it signifies. A man who wishes to take his own life.

"Show yourself and stop hiding this instant!" Mavis exclaimed.

Suddenly, the entire golden field turned into a gloomy, foggy environment encircled by walls. It's like being in a maze and not knowing where to go. All paths are blocked, yet it feels colder, as if you're inside a fridge. She was ready to go when she felt something in the way of her feet. It's a human body bathed in his own blood. She bends over the body and sees a familiar face for which she had been longing.


She checked his pulse and it was weakening, so she performed CPR, and after he was revived, she treated his wounds, stitched his incisions, disinfected it, and bandaged it. It's a good thing she had her medication kit in her bag.

She took off her jacket and draped it over his body. She lent him her lap as a pillow and stayed with him all night.


Mavis' cheek was tickled by the cold air. It's not just cold, it's brutally cold. It's like Jack's feeling when he freezes to death in the ocean after getting Rose safely on top of the door in the Titanic movie. When she opened her eyes, she noticed a light in the corner of the wall, as well as dandelion puffs flying around. Nathan eventually awakens. She helped him in rousing from his laying position, and they followed the light at the corner of the wall. The light floats, as if enticing them to follow it.

She took out her wand. She thought she will never used it again. She give it a wave and cast the incantation Lumos Maxima in the air and a bright burst of light appeared. She took his arm in hers and assisted him in walking carefully and slowly. They followed the light and found a way out.

The maze's end is a dandelions-filled garden with bright skies. It's absolutely phenomenal. It's breathtaking. The yellow dandelions cover half of the garden, her happy color, while the other half is as white as feathers.

Dandelions. A representation of love, hope, and happiness. Some believe it also represents a desire to move on from the past and forge fresh beginnings.

Nathan picked a single yellow dandelion flower, carefully held Mavis' chin, and put the flower in her ear.

"Beautiful," he said.

She picked a white dandelion and gave it to him.

"They say that if you close your eyes and make a wish in a dandelion and blow it away, your wish will come true," she explained.

He smiled, closed his eyes, and blew puffs as she asked. Mavis wakes up again in her bed. It seems to be real, yet it is a dream. But, seeing him again made her really happy.

Yellaaa! 💛

Maybe he's already asleep, so instead of overthinking irrelevant things, I wrote something. Hehe. I hope you like this, and thank you for dropping by.

Au revoir!

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Waking up with a story like this makes me the happiest. Hehehe this is will forever be my favorite series of you, since noise days 🥰

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Oh, hey. Good morning! Hehe. Aww. This series is my fave too, of course. Hihi. Thank youuu, bub. 🥺💛

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Always bubba! Good morning. I’m glad you had rest 🥰

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