They Were All Yellow │Pt. 12: TDSATVW

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6 months ago

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow∼ ♪♬♫

Mavis, the Vampire Witch, loves music. She always goes to music to escape from the outside world and be happy with herself. She plugged her headphones into her phone and started listening to Coldplay's Yellow while re-reading Nathan's letter from a few weeks ago.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into nearly a month but still there's no Nathan around.

It's Thursday again. The Vampire Witch's feeble day. She felt like she's the weakest witch in this muggle world. She tried to cast a spell with her wand, but it didn't work. Her head is spinning. Luckily, she was able to keep her balance and did not fall over.

"Where the hell are you? Have you forgotten me? Are you in danger? Or are you with another witch? Ugh!" her mind screams.

She was in her office when she noticed an owl on the balcony. Her brow furrowed as she approached an owl as white as snow and as fluffy as cotton. On its beak was a string with a little box and a letter that read:

"I can give you the stars if I could but I chose to give you myself, the moon. So its light can live through the lining of your skin and shine your darkness from within," Your Direwolf Sorcerer

She tearfully unravels the string and lifts the lid of the box. As she saw the gift inside the box, her lips parted. There was, indeed, a moon. It's yellow and lovely. It's captivating, much like the person who sent her the gift.

"See you soonest, Direwolf Sorcerer. I can't wait for our enchanted rendezvous. I'm bringing my time turner for sure to be with you any longer," she uttered to herself while admiring her moon lamp, smiling like a lunatic.

"I'm happy you loved it." murmured the familiar voice behind her.

She almost fell out of her swivel chair from the shock of hearing his voice. She had waited a long time to hear that voice again. Nathan stood at her back for a long time, sweetly smiling and silently watching Mavis adore her moon lamp.

"You jerk! You really love to surprise me in whatever manner you possibly can, don't you?" She rose up and faced him, tears in her eyes.

He nodded, smiling like a happy kid, and approached her closer. So close that she's been cornered in her desk, and he gently holds her on her waist and face, and gives her the sweetest kiss.

She's so stunned that she can't even close her eyes to welcome that kiss. She's petrified, as if she doesn't know how to respond, yet she can't deny that she's loving it.

It's like "Strawberries and Chocolates, always taste like you. ♪♬♫" song is playing in her head.

"Happy Thursday. May the end of you birth month be the most memorable one this year, my love," he whispers in her ear.

"A-Am I dreaming?" she asked, still puzzled.

"For now, darling." he answered.

He kissed her forehead while she's still in shock. He casted a spell, winked, then he suddenly disappears.

Mavis woke up on her desk, unsure whether what had happened was real or a dream.

"Maybe I'm just tired, and it's all a dream—"

Until she noticed the dazzling moon lamp in front of her. She smiled while millions of crabs cheered in her tummy.

Lumos 🪄✨️

This is one of my favorite episodes from this series. I can't stop smiling just thinking about it. That was back in the day. *Sigh* Well, I hope this made you smile too though. Have a great day, you!

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Awww their first kiss. Hehehe this is my favorite part on that series bubba 🥰

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Me too! Hihi 🥰

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