The Prophecy | Pt. 1: TDSATVW

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"You found me..." echoed within the dilapidated building.

The vampire witch looked around, but all she saw was frigid air brushing over her face. The loud bang of the heavy front door startled her, and the leaves began to blow in a circular motion.

"I don't think I'm supposed to be here. Maybe I should go," the vampire witch thought to herself and swiftly leave the abandoned gallery.

A black smoke appeared from the elm tree and went inside the abandoned gallery, in front of the painting of a periwinkle-colored castle stained with blood. Suddenly, the black smoke turned into an old lady.

"The time has come, my prince," the old lady said, as the painting transformed into a man in tatters.

"What happened to me? Where am I?" the man said, confused.

"Nathan, the prophecy is being fulfilled. As my crystal foretold 125 years ago, a hybrid of a vampire and a witch freed you in that painting, making you the sorcerer and protector of the underworld in lieu of me." the old lady explained. "I'm too old to protect this place from the dark lord, which is why I picked you as my replacement, but first—"

As the moonlight shined in through the building's window, the old lady morphed into a werewolf. She crept closer, trapped Nathan, clawed him with her paw, and licked the blood oozing from the young man's forehead. Nathan sank to his knees, groaning in pain and bathing in his own blood.

"I'm sorry, Nathan, but this is inevitable."

Nathan's body incrementally got coated in fur, his hands morphed into paws and claws, and his entire figure transformed into a dire wolf except his eyes. His mentality seems to be affected by his metamorphosis as well. He can't control himself, yet he's aware of what's going on.

He attempted to attack the old lady, but she was too powerful for him, and she fought back, tossing Nathan against the wall and knocking him unconscious.

"Hmm, I guess I'll have to train him. But for now, he must rest. This is the beginning of his new journey. I'm wondering what will happen between the protector of the underworld and the future queen of the vampires. Will they be rivals or friends? My crystal has yet to reveal anything." the old lady muttered to herself.

The next day, Nathan woke up clutching his head due to the force of his impact with the wall. He noticed a wand in his right hand. It was made of cypress, 10¼" long and contained a unicorn hair core.

"Good day, my prince. How are your sweet dreams going?" The old lady smirked.

"You—what did you do to me? You made me a monster!!" Nathan exclaimed.

"Hey, that's your curse for asking a favor from me to get you and your traitor princess out of the forest. You should be grateful that I did not take your life as payment," the old lady mocked him. "Instead, I gave you a new lease on life. You have complete freedom. You hold that power. You can defend yourself with your claws. A century has passed, and your family is almost certainly all dead due to their ages. Unlike you, you're now an immortal."

Nathan looked down at his wand. The old lady is right; he has no choice but to face what lies in front of him.

"So, what are my responsibilities? What am I supposed to do?" Nathan inquired.

"Take it easy, my prince. You must first learn how to use the wand. You must attend a wizarding school for seven years. So you'll be 132 years old by then, right?"

He parted his lips in awe. He's a century and twenty-five years old, but he still looks like he's in his twenties.

"I suppose this is one of the amazing things about magic," he uttered.

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Heeeeyaaa! First step after collapsing on the ground of insanity and stupidity. I'm hoping I got it right this time. Hehe. If you're curious about the backstory, you can read it here: The Tale of the Two Princes : Epilogue

How are you people? I've been thinking a lot about Bebuu's situation lately, which is why I'm gone. I don't know how I can help him, so I guess being virtually with him is the least I can do.

Take care you guys! Au revoir.

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