Scribbling Sweet Nothing│Pt. 11: TDSATVW

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"You're my special kind of glyph, my lone wolf."

Nathan, the Direwolf Sorcerer, hears Mavis, the Vampire Witch. They locked eyes and were about to kiss when the fireworks stopped flashing.

"It appears that I'm running out of time. I'll be leaving for a very long journey, and as a consequence, I won't be able to see you for quite some time; just take care of yourself by then," he said.

"I will forever be smitten by you," he softly kissed her forehead and then vanished.

Nathan, the Direwolf Sorcerer, woke up in the abandoned gallery. His head was throbbing with unbearable pain. Easton, the guardian, quickly approached him and forced him to drink a vial of magical potion.

"I warned you not to overuse your powers to penetrate her dreams; you will die if you do." Easton said.

"I'm just saving her for herself. I can't let her suffer. She's tied to my soul forever, remember? Don't worry, I won't do it again; I'll see her face-to-face soon. No more Legimency." Nathan said, smiling at his pet owl, Lilo.

It's Thursday already. Mavis hasn't seen Nathan in her dreams in two days. She misses him so much that all she can think about is Nathan. She goes to bed early every night wearing nice dresses hoping to see him, but he never appears in her dreams.

She's scribbling cheesy words in a piece of paper, feeling pathetic because she has no idea where to send those letters to him. She had no idea where he lived or if he even existed because she only saw him in her dreams.

"I will forever be smitten by you? "Smitten? Is that even a word?" she wondered, pulling out her phone to look up the definition. "Deeply affected with or struck by strong feelings of attraction, affection, or infatuation. Is he in love with me? It's confusing."

Her mind is lost in a void when she is startled, pulling her back to reality. It's a phone call.

"Hello, may I speak with Miss Mavis?" the person on the other end of the line asked.

"Speaking, how may I help you?" Mavis responded.

"This is the receptionist here in the lobby; you have a letter that has arrived; please pick it up at the front desk. Thank you."

"O-Okay. Thank you." She answered.

She went downstairs to retrieve the said letter from the front desk. The color of the envelope made her smile. Periwinkle, her favorite color. And it has a gold stamp in it with initials ALN. She couldn't wait to get into her office and carefully opened the letter while waiting for the elevator that read:

"He's a real person! We'll meet in May. I can't breathe!" she exclaimed to herself in the elevator mirror. "Should I write back? There is no address in it. Where should I direct my response? All I see is this sweet message and the ALN letters on the stamp. Is this something like Aluminum Nitride or something?"

She's in the moon. She's ecstatic as she reads the sweetest letter she's ever received in her entire life. Her heart feels like it's about to burst from the pressure of her emotions. Is she in love with him too?

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Bringing back all the nostalgia when they first met hihi kilig to the bones

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