Royalty Vs. Sorcery │Pt. 13: TDSATVW

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It is Saturday, Mavis, the Vampire Witch's lazy day. She didn't want to start it with bad news, so she turned off the TV right away. Yet she's still mystified as to why girls have gone missing since last week. Some blamed the witch hunter, while others blamed some form of syndicate. Whatever it is, Mavis knows she is safe because she can defend herself. Her ancestors had prepared her for such a tragedy.

She followed his day-off routine and finished all of the chores before lunch. She made brunch, ate, and then went inside her mini-library to peruse books and articles on the Tudors. She is fascinated with this British royal family, particularly Queen Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife. However, Anne was later accused of witchcraft and adultery and was executed.

Queen Anne Boleyn was said to be extraordinarily attractive, intelligent, stylish, and brilliant. She also had the ability to sing, dance, and play musical instruments. Henry, of course, fell madly in love. She had one lived child, the legendary Queen Elizabeth I, while historians mention that she miscarried a son due to antiphospholipid syndrome, an immunological condition that causes the body to turn against itself.

"I'm just wondering if Queen Elizabeth I had a child to be her successor?" Mavis pondered. She kept flipping the pages of the book until she found what she was looking for.

"Marriage for her would have meant giving up her power, her throne, and her country to a man. She had no children, and therefore no direct heir to the throne, she was the last Tudor ruler," Mavis read. "So who is the next in line to the throne?" she uttered as she turned the page.

"James VI of Scotland succeeded Elizabeth (and was her cousin) and became James I of England," she read, and she froze. She clenched her fist in rage, and her eyes turned blood red, the lights turned on and off, and the light bulb in her lamp shattered into pieces.

"That monster, James. He is fascinated by killing witches and slaughtered my ancestors for accusing them of killing the kingdom's livestock and spreading diseases. Killing them four times of the average execution even if they were innocent. He even wrote a book on it called Daemonologie, despite the fact that he is the real demon," she sobbed in despair.

Her phone rings.

"Hello," she answered the phone, wiping away her tears.

"Hey, Abi here."

"Hi, how are things going?" Mavis queried.

"Just fine. I know that I'm a bit late for my present for your birthday, but I still want to give you my gift. I know you're a fan of William Shakespeare and his works, and also a royalty junkie, so I'd like to invite you to a dramatical play tonight at 8:00 p.m., I have two tickets! You down?" said the person on the other end of the line.

" Impeccable timing, Abi. Impeccable timing." Mavis uttered.

"What? Is it a yes or nah?" Abi asked.

"I'll go." Mavis answered.

"All right, I'll pick you up at your place; see you at 7:00 p.m. Bye!"

It's now 6:00 p.m., and Mavis has taken a shower, picked a nice dress, and done her make-up for the play they're about to see. She managed to calm herself after the outburst of emotion she had earlier. Perhaps her decision to go with Abi was right. But how did she know Shakespeare was her favorite playwright? It's been a long time since she's been to a play.

Someone honked a horn outside her gate. It's Abi calling. Mavis took her purse, checked herself in the mirror for the last time, and walked out the door.

"Hey, girl! You are lovely." Abi said.

"Thanks. You too." Mavis answered. She's confused as to why this girl is so nice to her yet they barely talk at work.

"We're here!" Abi interrupted Mavis' zoning out.

"Macbeth by William Shakespeare? Is this girl a mind reader or something?" Mavis uttered to herself.


"I'm sorry, Abi. I was just wondering how you knew I love Shakespeare." Mavis asked.

"Lucky guess? You're a writer, Mavis, and is there a writer who doesn't like Shakespeare's works?" Abi responded.

"You're right. Oh, look at the time, five minutes till they start. Should we go in?" Mavis leads the way, unaware that there are vicious eyes behind her.

This story of William Shakespeare is about the three witches' prophecy that Macbeth would become King of Scotland, but they don't tell him how. With the help of Banquo, he murdered King Duncan. But when he discovered that the king had an heir to the throne, he went out of his way to find Malcolm, the king's son, in to help the prophecies come true rather than leave it to fate.

Macbeth felt guilty and thought he was seeing the ghosts of all the people he had slain in order to become king. He fears they are after him, which makes him even more paranoid.

The three witches prophesied that Banquo's descendants would be king, therefore Macbeth killed Banquo and his descendants. He killed so many people that the witches told him.

Lady Macbeth killed herself after hearing of this and the death of King Duncan.

Macduff, a devoted thane of King Duncan, planned to attack the castle and fulfill the prophesy, as well as exact revenge on Macbeth for killing his whole family. Malcolm murdered Macbeth, and that was the end of the story.

Others blame the three witches for instilling in Macbeth the desire to kill those people, but the fact is that it is Macbeth's fault; he should never be swayed to do or believe anything he knows is wrong. His wife and the powers of darkness tricked and played Macbeth. His lack of self-esteem and capacity to make his own decisions resulted in his early demise and death.

"Now, do you have any idea why I brought you there?" Abi's earlier cheerful voice turned into a serious tone.

"What do you mean, Abi? Is there something wrong?" Mavis asked, puzzled while sitting beside Abi in the car.

"It's you witches!!" Abi suddenly strangled Mavis to death. "You witches killed my ancestors, inflicting curses to the world!"

Mavis was trying to get away in Abi's grasp around her neck when she noticed a witch hunter tattoo on her wrist.

"I-It's you."

Lumos 🪄✨️

Hiiiii, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I just thought of it this morning after having a nightmare about being beheaded. It's a bit morbid. Hehe. Anyway, this is a bit much for today's story. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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