Legimency | Pt. 3: TDSATVW

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Mavis, the Vampire Witch, jolted awake in her bed, as if she had fallen from space. It seems real. She just happened to run into a handsome stranger in King's Cross Station. She remembers his face vividly. Even though it's her first time seeing his lovely face, she feels as if she's known him for a long time.

She got up in her bed, finding herself alone in her room. It's just a dream. She approached the window and noticed someone outside the house. It's a man. She can't see it clearly without her glasses, so she puts them on and notices no one outside the house. He has gone.

"Maybe I'm still dreaming." She said to herself.

She left her room and prepared for work. She's trying to live normally as a muggle—non-magic folk, away from the complicated world of drinking blood and waving wands, after her parents were killed in the war between them and the dark lord. She entered Hogwarts at the age of 12, graduated at the age of 19, and was now 126 years old, living alone in her small city apartment.

Her dad is a vampire, her mom is a witch, but she was "raised" by her evil muggle aunt, who died 50 years ago. Being an immortal is really hard. She witnessed how the world changed with each decade, and the most painful thing for her was attending the funerals of her mortal friends.

Every 30 years, she casts the spell Obliviate—a charm that could be used to erase specific memories from a person's mind—and studied and worked in different professions such as doctor, detective, lawyer, educator, police officer, soldier, artist, chef, architect, pilot, programmer, singer, and so on, which led to her current career as a writer.

"Mavis, I really need that manuscript today; I apologize for hurrying you, but the publisher asked it," her co-writer explained.

"It's OK, it's almost done; I'll submit it later for this to evaluate," Mavis said.

Being a writer is a challenging work. Trying to come up with a story that sounded unique. You have a spectacular idea in mind but it's hard to convey in words. It's also tricky to get out of bed when you're struggling with writer's block or procrastination.

"Abi, I already emailed the file to your email; may I go home? I'm not feeling good right now," Mavis asked to her co-writer.

"Yeah, sure. Rest well when you got home,"

Her head is spinning. Maybe because of the hypnic jolt she felt when she woke up. She packed her things, placed them in her bag, and left their office building. It's a lovely day, then suddenly dark clouds appear and heavy rain pours. She opened her umbrella and walked home in the rain when a Knight bus from the wizarding world stopped in front of me.

"Darling, get in!" said a familiar man, lending his hand to help her in.

He's the man she met the other day at King's Cross station. She took the man's hand in hers and entered the bus. It has beds and a second floor with a chandelier.

"Take her away, Ern!" screamed the driver.

"Yeah, take it away, Ernie! Fasten your seatbelts, clench your buttocks! It's going be a bumpy ride!" yelled the shrunken head, in his Jamaican accent.

When the driver stepped on the gas, the Vampire witch lost her balance and nearly fell, but Nathan, the Dire wolf sorcerer caught her. He saw her beautiful brown eyes again, her soulmate's brown eyes. There is silence between them, yet their hearts beat louder and louder.

"We're here! The Slug club party. Next stop, Leaky Cauldron," the driver said.

Because of the quick pace of the Knight Bus, they were at their destination in five minutes. When she gazed out the window, she saw a lovely and brilliant castle. She was even more confused as to how she had entered the castle wearing only a hooded jacket, trousers, and sneakers, as if she were a damsel in distress.

"Do you trust me, mi lady?" He asked.

She gave her hand to the young man and when they got off the Knight Bus, something magical happened and transformed her clothes and replaced them with a glamorous gown that she couldn't fathom myself wearing. When they entered the castle, everyone seemed to be staring at them in awe. She had no idea that the man she's with is that well-known.

"W-Where are we, Sir...?" I wondered.

"We're here at Professor Slughorn's party because you're one of his favorite students in your batch, as am I, and he wants us to be here. He's fond of students like ours, you know that. And don't call me Sir since it makes me look old." He explained. "Nathan, just Nathan, and you are...?"

"Mavis. My name is Mavis," She smiled.

Georgia, wrap me up in all your-
I want you in my arms... ♩♫♬

"Would you like to dance?" Nathan asked.

Mavis nodded, and they danced as if no one else was there. They are happily waltzing and chatting about life and teas when the tower clock strikes 12:00 midnight and there is a loud chime all over the town.

"Till our next adventure, Princess." Nathan smiled sweetly.

Everything vanished, and Mavis woke up from her dream. She turned off her alarm clock and got ready for work. She smiled when she noticed a pair of glass shoes on the table.

Nathan smiled as he opened his eyes in the abandoned gallery. He was remembering every moment he had with the Vampire witch. He used the Legimency spell, which allows him to enter another person's mind and dream.

"So you've mastered the art of Legimency while also mastering the art of stalking," the old lady smirked.

"Stop, Easton. I just felt like I needed to be with her; I've been missing her since the day I imprinted her," Nathan sighed.

"You're in love, my prince." Easton, the old lady said.

"Maybe." he answered.


This is somewhat lengthy, but I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day.

Au revoir!

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Hehe and finally, their first date happens. Made me so kilig. Hihi sadly, I already transferred my funds, as much as I want to tip this one too. But you always did a great job bub! Proud of your progress in this story 🥰

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Part 3 palang may date na. Hahahaha It's okay. You don't have to, as long as I know that you liked it, that's enough. Hehe. Thank you always, bub! 🥰

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You don’t even have to try. I’m your number one fan bubba 🥰

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Aww. Thank you, bub! 🥺

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