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Earth After Dark : Till Our Next Eclipse, My Moon | Part 10 (Ending)

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1 month ago

1:00 a.m.

I'm still alive. I'm still here. I thought I was going to die after I passed out as a result of that pill. My body pain and headache appear to have worsened. 8 hours. I have only 8 hours before the drug's efficacy expires to complete this mission. I'm not sure what will happen to me after that, but I don't care. I'm going to die soon, too, and I'm going to use the time I have left to do the right thing.

I can't feel my lower body, so I crawl all the way up to my room to reach my table. I did everything I could to get to the pill's container. I put one of the two remaining pills in a small plastic sheet and put it in my pocket, while swallowing the other and, the worst feeling happened again for 10 seconds.

When I could feel my legs again, I stood up and sat in front of my computer, where I hacked Elio's system once more. He's definitely in their base, and I'll have to use him as a spy camera to determine how many bots and humans I need to eliminate before breaking into their lab.

I succeeded after several minutes of coding on my computer. There are 10 robots in total, 20 security personnel, and three people wearing white lab gowns, which I assume are doctors. Dr. Cahn is also there assisting his 8-year-old daughter and his wife as they board a private jet with two other security personnel. Dr. Cahn exited the plane minutes later, and the plane took off without him.

I minimized the window and went through the controls of my bots. I turned them on and programmed them to perform different functions. Outside the lab, seven of my fifteen voice command drones are in charge, and the remaining eight will infiltrate it. My ten most advanced humanoid robots, which also have voice commands, have been tasked with eliminating the enemy's robots and security personnel. I'll track down Dr. Cahn and anyone else who gets in my way.

I checked the tracker and saw my bots standing nearby, not far from the lab, waiting for my signal to attack, so I quickly changed into my combat suit, prepared my firearms and grenades, and went up into my dad's pick-up truck. When I arrived, I deployed my bots and attacked the laboratory.

5:00 a.m.

"Intruders!" Someone shouted.

There are gunshots and explosions all over the place. I grabbed my gun and dashed to the security gate, but I was dragged back. I grasped his arm, tossing it to the ground and grappling with it as soon as my sensory picked it up.

It's Elio. I recognized him because of the damage I left on his forehead when I tossed in the first time I met him, and the leg I mended.

"What are you doing here, Luna? You're not supposed to be here, and they're going to kill you," Elio said.

"Oh, look, the traitor," I mocked.

"We don't have time to argue any longer— Luna! Look out!" he yelled, pushing me to the side to avoid the bullet. "Come on!" He took my hand, and we dashed to the side of a large metallic apparatus to hide.

"Trust me this time; Dr. Cahn is a dangerous man; he knows you're here and planning to kill him because he saw you accessing a copy of my hard drive," Elio added.

"Aaaaaahhhhhrrrrrggggggg!!! I can't breathe!—"

"Luna! What's happening? Hey!" Elio said.

"T-the pill! It's in my pocket! Get the... pill!" I uttered, my breathing heavy.

He rummaged through my pockets to find the plastic sheet containing a pill.

"What is this pill?" Elio asked.

"No... more questions. T-There's no time," I said as I swallowed the pill. It's only been 4 hours, but the pill's effectiveness has already worn off. I'm not sure how long this last pill will last, so I need to get moving.

"Where is that Dr. Cahn? Answer me!" I exclaimed.

"In the basement, come with me." Elio answered.

We hurried down the elevator to the basement, where we were greeted by five armed personnel and Dr. Cahn. They aimed their assault rifles at me.

"Well, well. Isn't it the daughter of the geniuses' enemies? I bet your parents injected you with virus immunity, which is why you're still alive," Dr. Cahn smirked. "And you, like your parents, are a genius; you built weapons to infiltrate my lab. But what are you? Like 80 years old? Hahaha!" his evil laughter echoed all over the place.

"You monster! You murdered my parents!" Elio and I both aimed our guns as well.

"And you have my prototype's loyalty; I guess I'll have to shut him down too though," Dr. Cahn snarled. He pressed the button and Elio became electrified, as if the robot was about to be discharged. Elio's lower half explodes.

"Stop it!!!" I fired my gun and fatally shot the five security personnel; leaving only Dr. Cahn. "Drop everything right now!"

The evil Bacteriologist dropped the gun and the controller.

"Please spare me, my family is waiting for me to return home. I'll stop this. All I want is for them to have a wonderful world. I don't want this to happen. The hatred eats me, and I can't think of anything but revenge,"

The side effect of the drug is acting up again. I can't breathe again. I slowly lowered my gun, but the doctor took a chance and shot me through the heart three times.

"Luna!!" Elio crawled and shot the doctor several times until his lifeless body lay on the ground.

Elio held my nearly lifeless body on the ground, bathed in my own blood, while more blood spilled through my mouth as I coughed. Maybe because the bullet pierced my heart and lungs.

"I-Its... Okay. We succeeded, Elio. This war is finish. I can now die... in peace," I said.

"Don't say that, Luna, I want to live here with you. I want to spend every minute with you. I'm confused. It feels like I have my own feelings even though I'm a robot... I love you, Luna." Elio begged.

"T-That made me... the happiest. If parallel universe did exist, maybe you're a chef and I am a... a writer, writing stories about us two... Maybe in another life, we don't have to say goodbye because we're immortals. A sorcerer and a witch. Don't be sad because I died," I said.

"Hey, don't say anything, I'll heal you!" exclaimed Elio.

"Listen. Do you know what your name means? The Sun. A-And mine's the Moon. We'll meet again for sure... I will find you... and look for you in another lifetime. Till our next eclipse, my sun,"

Luna passed away. Elio wrote something on a piece of paper, placed it between their clasped hands, and shut himself down beside Luna's dead body the next day.

Yellow! 💛

This is quite hard and heavy. But, as she promises, they will meet again, so don't be sad about it. Hehe.

This piece was written in collaboration with @alykavinsky, my favorite poet. Thank you so much for doing this, bub! This one fits the scene perfectly; you did an excellent job. I love it! More collabs for us to come. Hihi.

Do you believe in reincarnation or the existence of a parallel universe? Please leave it in the comments! Santé!

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Written by   29
1 month ago
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Just hits me to my core! A roller coaster ending indeed! You’ve done a great job bb! To more collab soon. 🥰

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1 month ago

Aww. Thank youuuu, oweys. 🥺 To more collab! 🍷💕

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1 month ago

Always bb! Cheers 🥰🥂

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1 month ago