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Subject. The story 
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Life stories of people's lives

Don't get so busy trying to make a living that you forget about your own life.

The world is getting smaller, along with it, the value of time is increasing. People want to get more in less time. And keeping these things in mind, eArkey has organized the training course in a very short period of time. Our topic today is management. In this course you will be taught the basics of management through practical examples in just five minutes.

Story-1 Father was taking a bath, mother was in the kitchen and son was watching TV. At that time the door bell rang. The boy ran and opened the door and saw Karim Sahib standing next door. Before the boy could say anything, Mr. Karim said, 'I will give you 500 taka if you hold the ear 10 times.' At the end, Mr. Karim handed over a 500 taka note to his son and left. The father came out of the bathroom and asked, 'Who was at the door?' 'Karim Sahib of the house next door', replied the son. "O", said the father, "have you given me 500 taka?"

Story-2 The salesman, office clerk and manager were going to have lunch. On the way they found an old lamp. When they rubbed it, the monster came out. Daitya said, 'I will fulfill one of your wishes.' 'I first! Me first!' said the office clerk, 'I want to go to the Bahamas overseas, where there will be no other thoughts, no work.' 'Phew...!!' He left. Then I! Then me!' said the salesman, 'I want to go to Miami Beach where I can just relax.' 'Phew...!!' He left too. 'Now it's your turn,' said the monster to the manager. The manager said, 'I want to see those two in my office.

Story-3 - An eagle was resting on a tree branch. At that time, a small rabbit saw the eagle and asked, 'Can I also sit and relax like you?' The eagle replied, 'Of course, why not.' Then the rabbit continued to sit on the ground and relax. Suddenly a fox appeared, and jumped and ate the rabbit. If you want to sit and relax without doing any work, you have to be very high up.

Story-4-A chicken and a bull were talking. "I would love to climb that tree, but I don't have the strength," lamented the hen. The bull replied, 'Well, you can eat my dung, it has a lot of nutrients.' The hen did as he was told and ate his fill of dung and indeed found that he was getting quite strong. He tried to climb the lower branch of the tree. Played again on the second day, he then climbed to the upper branch. Finally after four days the chicken was able to climb the tree. But when the owner of the farm saw the chicken in the tree, he immediately shot it down from the tree. Bull shit may take you far, but you won't last long.

Story-5-A bird was going south for winter. But it was so cold that the bird was freezing and he landed in a big field. While he was lying in the field, a cow saw his condition and covered him with dung. After a while the bird felt quite warm. When in the heat of the dung he became very neat, singing with joy. At that time a cat was passing by, heard the song of the bird and looked for where the sound was coming from. After a while he came to the dung and immediately dug out the dung and fed the bird.

Educational subject

All those who throw mud at you are not your enemies. Not everyone who pulls you out of trouble is your friend. And when you are in deep depression, it is better not to open your mouth too much. A woman used to feed a python snake.

Story 6-She loved the snake very much. The python was 4 meters long and looked very healthy. One day, her beloved python suddenly stopped eating and drinking. Weeks passed, but the snake did not eat anything. The woman was worried about the condition of the beloved snake. He went and finally took the snake to the doctor. The doctor listened attentively and asked - does the snake sleep with you at night? The woman replied - yes. Does it gently snuggle up to you while sleeping? Yes then slowly wrapped around you? The woman was surprised and replied - this time the doctor said something very terrible and unexpected. Ma'am, the snake hugged you, wrapped around you, because it was measuring you. Prepares itself to attack you. And yes, he stopped eating and drinking to free up enough space to easily digest you.

Motto: There may be many people around you whom you consider close, who seem to love you immeasurably. Maybe your harm is their main objective. A small bird flew high in the sky and froze in the cold and landed in an open field.

Story 7- A cow was standing and chewing grass. He threw a piece of dung on the bird. The bird drowned in dung, but the heat of the freshly fallen dung melted its body. After a while, the bird recovered and sat in the dung and started chirping. A cat was passing by. He heard the sound of the bird and dug the dung and took the bird out. Then he swallowed it. Meaning - 1: Someone's hostile act may not always go against you. Some hostile work may come in your favor. Meaning - 2: Someone rescued you from danger, it means that he may not be your well-wisher. He may be your biggest enemy. Meaning - 3 : When you are in deep shit please keep your mouth shut!!

Story 8 - Day All the villagers decided to pray for rain. Everyone gathered, only one boy came with an umbrella. 2. When you play with a child, he laughs because he knows you will catch him again. 3. Every night when we go to sleep, there is no guarantee that we will wake up the next day. Still we set the alarm for the next day.
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Topics: The story, Life