Social anxiety Vs. Shyness

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2 years ago

We often misinterpret what is the real meaning of shyness and social anxiety.

In this article I want to enlighten you what is the difference of each other.

Social anxiety or rather called social phobia is a extreme fear of being judge, re evaluate and being the center of attention. Most cases of social anxiety ranges from being a child to adulthood and sometimes can last forever. Some psychologist says that this disorder is like having a hypertension. You didn't know when it will happens or attack you.

While on the other hand, Shyness can be a little similar to social anxiety but the symptoms is quite normal and can be fix by being outgoing and having friends or companions to increase self confidence.

They are both similar but having social anxiety is worse rather than shyness. Why? because anxiety is extreme thinking of negative thoughts that are not really happening. They need medications and therapy in order to heal themselves. While shyness can be fix easily by praticing socializing and having a good self confidence.

Both these need guidance and love of parents, friends and also ask God guidance in order to heal and be victorious in life.

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2 years ago