What musical instrument can you play

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2 years ago

Yeah! Yeah!! Yeah!!! It's time for some people to brag and say as much instruments they can play. Cause even without this question I know a lot that can play a lot of instruments.

To play instruments is actually really good and just shows how creative and music loving you can be. From drums, to guitar, to piano, to violin and all sorts like that and that can produce good and I interesting sounds.

The hard work and dedication it take to learn an instrument is really high and you have to be ready for a lot of failures to finally complete it. And I tell you, you'd enjoy the end product.

I remember when I first started learning how to play drums 😅. Meehn, I was laughed at for weeks. I would get there and play something that'd make them change the key of the song and the rythm of the song too 😂. Yeah, I said rythm.

So tell me, what are the instruments you know really well how to play and if you want to say more, what funny experience did you have learning how to play...?

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