Marriage || The joy that comes with it

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2 years ago

The feeling of marriage is a really good thing. It's one that can't be compared to any other thing. A day you finally accoet to be with someone and spend your whole life with the person you love.

The psychology about marriage is that, it's mostly females that looks forward to days like this. And here's a secret; a female's thinking is mostly towards relationship while a man is mostly towards money (and another thing called sex). Don't get me wrong though, I'm only stating the obvious here and I want you all to know about it too.

Marriage is something that goes beyond just emotion, you feel this sense of joy and satisfaction, and you just don't want to do any other thing than to look at the other party (i.e The bride/The groom).

One thing that always pops up in my head about marriage though is, isn't it a bondage to say you're going to be with someone your whole life? And that you can't see any other person but that same one from that point till you die?

It was until I got to understand that once you love someone, every other thing becomes obsolete and you shouldn't even see it as that rather be happy about it.

So tell me, what do you think about marriage and what has been your experience?

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