Has it been raining where you are

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3 years ago

For some time now, it's just been rain followed by rain followed by rain. I'm starting to think that they should make words like rainer and rainest 😂 for us to compare how much it's raining in our different regions.

Before I close my eyes and open I start to hear it raining again and again. It's good though but at the same time it isn't, depending on what scheduled you have.

Once you plan to stay indoors then the rain would be good but then once you're planning to out for something really important and then it starts to rain, that's just the worst thing to happen.

But I've been able to conclude that, no matter how concentrated the rain might be, it won't stop me from doing what I have to do.

Without leaving the main question then, has it been raining in your side and when last did it rain.

The most complicated question now is Do you want Rain on 2UP Tuesday?

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