Dogs vs Phones

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3 years ago

For some time now, phones have been taking over for good when it comes to coming in handy and helping out on where you need help and where you need to something a little out of your power.

And before now, we all know that dogs have been the best animals for this know nds you f things and they've always been the best at it. That's why they're called man's best friends.

But then, most of the things they're good for are already being taken over by phones and it just made me start to wonder if they're been taken over.

From the point of playing with man, phones have taken over that in the aspect of games. From the point of protecting man, phones have done that alarms and all sorts and this time more people get around to help.

In fact, you don't have to train phones before you get them to do what you want unlike you do with dogs.

Now tell me, do you still think dogs will be man's best friends in 10 years to come? Or they'll just become another wild animal like all others?

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