Could you live in a cave?

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2 years ago

Imagine if you were given the chance to live in a cave. Would you take that opportunity? 😂 I'm making it sound like it's something important aren't I? Well, yes it is.

It's an experience you wouldn't want to waste or you wouldn't want to take for granted you know. Cause to live in a cave is like going through and experiencing what cave men went through. And that's just something.

You'll get to see some secrets they knew when it was then. You'll see what and how it was they were always getting what to eat from caves and you'll experience how it felt when they slept.

As you keep going deeper and deeper into the cave

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You'll start finding it more and more scary but i tell you it's fun.

You should try doing it some time. Take a day off and just plan to spend that time experience what it means to be in a cave. And I'm sure it'll be a fun and unforgettable experience...

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