Effects of Bayern Munich's dominance on the Bundesliga

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Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga for the 10th straight time and the 31st time overall, last Saturday 23rd of April by defeating Borrusia Dortmund 3-1. 

The 2021/2022 season Bundesliga win, made it their 10th title in as many seasons, with Dortmund being the last team to win the Domestic League. 

Let's put this into perspective. The English Premier League is ranked as the best league in the world. This is majorly due to the level of competition in the league. In the Premier League from, we've seen 5 different clubs lift the Domestic League title in 10 years; in the Spanish league we've seen 3; in the French league we've seen 3 and two in Seria A.

This competitiveness in the premier league, is made possible because virtually every team in the league has relatively the same spending power except for a few teams. This relatively equal amount of spending power among teams in the league has helped project a positive image about the league and has also helped the small teams build up to the level required to compete against the big guns.

The same cannot be said about the Bundesliga. The league has more or less been monopolized by Bayern Munich; they've won the last ten Bundesliga titles and have won more league titles than the other 17 teams combined. Last season, RB Leipzig finished behind Bayern in second position, and what did Bayern do? They went further to sign Liepzig's Coach Julian Naglesmanm, Their best Midfielder, Marcel Sabitzër and their best Defender Dayot Upamecano. This method of signing outstanding players from rival teams has even further degraded the quality of the league. Bayern have won 8 of their last 10 league titles by 8 points or more. The closest any team other than Bayern has been to winning the league was in the 2018/2019 season, when Dortmund finished 2 points behind Bayen Munich. Presently, they lead second-placed Borussia Dortmund by 12 points with 3 games to go. 


As for the TV Rights, it's quite obvious that Bayern Munich gets a large chunk of it, giving little or no room for developing other teams in the league. In the premier league, for instance, every team there-in receives an equal amount of money in TV Rights, with the only disparity coming in Prize Money. 

In recent years, the Bundesliga has been dubbed the "Farmers league" due to Bayern Munich's dominance and they've further cemented that claim, which has given the league, a bad name and image. 

What do you think would solve this looming problem; who is at fault, Bayern Munich or Bundesliga? and what should be the solution?

The Bundesliga is reportedly drawing up plans for an end of season Playoffs, so as to revitalize German Football after Years of Bayern Dominance.

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April 30, 2022.

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