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Massive Crypto crash" What are Your concerns

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2 days ago

Its been a week off, feels good to be back again... I cant deny the fact that readcash is always going to be a second home to me. This is a place where we can free to writing from our most deepest and exciting place and be free to share. So great to have some time to read and also write again, been struggling to create a good balance in what I do outside these walls. We all know the FTX drama going around, and I would use the term "bankruptcy", being one of the fastest growing crypto exchange, I believed some factors where in contention and that led to a lot of questioning.

Its been a lot to take in lately, we see some funny spikes and eventually it lands back to the start... What are we expecting to happen within the last month of the year and January 23?" the idea and confirmation of crypto not safe anymore is spreading. Leading exchanges falling and having to be saved completely or bailed out and I have noticed the big trends, it causes fear in the minds of these investors and when that happens, a lot of migration into stables again and money pulled out.

Now that things aren't in shape, it might be time to diversify and make good use of some opportunities. Appreciate the time spent in building your personal blog, you can save in stables or play around some trades, this isn't financial advice in any way, I do want you to be really careful with your investment. Surely its going to peak up, maybe a slur type movement, its been 2 years I got into crypto and I have made the biggest mistakes in this journey but If I knew the knowledge learnt today months back, it could not have gotten worse for me.

"So when do you see some change? And deeply what are your fears right now? Would you invest now or wait for a major pump?"

This involves what nobody likes to talk about or get asked, the sentiment is there which irrespective of the crash, might be a good time to stack up more with the money or funds you can easily afford to lose. It hurts to see your portfolio move round in deep circles caused by a continued mistakes, but when this occurs again you'd be like "its mostly play money".

'The big question is How can crypto be saved?"

It is a self developed system and constant change made everyday, you could just wake up someday and find a lot of good improvements within this space. If you deeply need to read about current happenings, the web is there for you stay safe and invest wisely. I am happy to share this with you, studying for exams has taken most of my time, so sorry if I could not be active as before. I'd like us to also stay positive, Bitcoincash is one to watch as well. Thank you for reading.

Nov 23rd

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Written by   498
2 days ago
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This period is a very trying one for cryptocurrency and I don't see things getting better anytime soon. A lot of people have given up and pulled out of the market and it made things worse, it will probably take us a lot of years to recover from this

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