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1 year ago

"You were in the devils hot list before you were born",

There where things in your family line that was happening before you where born and was designed to keep you from reaching that goal, there are certain unexplainable problems that makes you wonder why it does happen?.

"You must be important",

Because inspite of all of the stories that had your name on them, inspite of all the wind and the waves and hurricane forces, inspite of every attack: look at you smiling, look at you believing for a brighter day, look at how you've made it through, "You must be important" you survived all that and still standing.

How do I know you are important?

The devil inflicts storms on people because he knows how good you are, and how far you will go if he let's you be, he sees value in you, then he allows you to be caged up in depression, and in pains:

if you are going through a storm, please dont give up, there is something on the other side that awaits you.

The devil thought that its okay to inflict pain, the devil thought it's okay to:

"bring down or wreck your home",

"to inflict sickness",

"to take away your asset's",

"to take away your parent",

"to keep you depressed",

"have you in suicidal thoughts",

but the trial period just served to prove your foundation, that is built on a solid rock which is Jesus and he will always break bounds for you.

When you face a storm, it seems as though God had left you, but it just means God's on the way to your heart. If you are going through a storm today I want you to know that the storm is a sign that grace is on the way, but you have to walk in God's direction, allow God into that problem let him help in the healing process.

Nobody really attacks what isn't valuable, the enemy knows how great you are going to become, how you are going to blossom, it may take days, maybe weeks or decades from now but he knows all that and still dosent let go.

For instance, In a basketball team of 10players, you happen to be the tallest person on the team, the only person guided by your opponent will be you, even though you are not the best player on the team but they see you as having the most superiority, its Just common knowledge why would you guide someone who wasnt in the position to score.

The devil knows how important you are on the track and on the field, and comes in with negative thoughts, then you see yourself as an inferior, you see yourself as a loser.

God knows about your issues, there is a you only him knows, and there is a you only you knows, a you that cries out day and night, you hurt yourself each day, inflicting pain and you cant stop it. You have no idea why you push people away living in frustration and anger.

But know this today

"You are important to God,"

you know that every time but anytime your mind tries to vacate evil thoughts you find your self into it again, I can tell you that something strong enough to consume any bad feeling has finally showed up for you. God is about to do something great in your life he is breaking every chains.

The devil knows how to discern something valuable so when you give in and give up he's happy,when you feel suicidal he's happy, know this Jesus went through the cross for you,

"How valuable are you to him?", How much is your life worth to God"

The devil knows where to hit and where your insecurities are

"He knows your playlist"

"He knows what you say to yourself about yourself"

"He knows what makes you feel ashamed"

"He knows how to keep you bound"

"He knows exactly where you are most vulnerable"

"He will use anything to get to your faith"

"He will use anything to get to your happiness"

If you have been attacked lately you are very important, I want to encourage you to rise up and be strong and know that you are most precious to God.

Appreciate what God is doing;

Thank God For healing you, and because what wounded you dosent have the power to hold you forever.

Thank God for every achievements so far bacause you wont have attained that without his help,

Thank God for a good start because it could have been worse,

Thank God for your families for them to be alive is a thing of joy,

Thank God for you mental health many had lost it but you havent,

Thank God for what he does each day for waking you up strong.

It's a short one today, Happy independence day to all Americans...

Happy 1st Sunday of July.

July 04 2021

Thanks to everyone supporting.

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1 year ago


The devil sure knows how to play tricks, what we should know is God loves us so much and is always there to protect us.

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1 year ago

Yes he truly does, the devil plays a lot of tricks. Thank you

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1 year ago

God has been too faithful to live us in times of worrying. He has helped me countless times and I want to thank him too. Good write up

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1 year ago

That is true thank you

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1 year ago