"Are you really alright?" Only God can make it right

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1 year ago

"Are you all right?

What if I ask you that, with just the two of us"

its one of those questions we ask that we really dont want to answer to.

How are you doing today? Are you alright? Yes! am alright but you've got this thing in your leg. No idea what it is, but its been changing colors. It's a complicated question "Are you alright?" Do you know the difference between God and people? He really wants to know deeply not like the other people who ask you and do not expect a detailed answer with sub-points. Maybe you dont really need to talk about your problems to somebody who dosent have the power to solve them.

Maybe you dont need to process it in the place that seems powerless, maybe you want to stop answering everybody else about stuffs that God can fix, maybe you want to stop trying to fix things publicly that can only be dealt with privately, maybe you want to quit seeking affirmation in public places and let God speak in that place of prayer.

I dont want to get my hopes high up, it hurts to hope. The more I hope, the more open I am to disappointment, I told you that was going to happen. Everytime I tried I fail, everytime I start I stumble, I told you it would be like this. I knew I shouldn't feel good. I knew I shouldn't try, I knew people would betray me,

"Do I look alright to you?"


As surely as the Lord lives, He will not leave you, He will not forsake you and God is saying "if I did it then I will now". If I spoke it I will perform it even in an empty space with many or with little things.

You know how you know you're growing in your relationship with God, it's when you tell him the real stuff at his feet and trust him like that. There are somethings you face only God knows and it's just between you and him and he needs your full attention, he needs you at his feet right now, he is trying to bring some things to life but he needs it to be just the two of you.

God is saying today;

"I've got your promise"

"I've got your dreams"

"I've got your destiny"

"I've got your petition"

"I've got your hope and prayers"

God is working while you're waiting, what he is doing in your life is far greater than you know so,

"Are you going to be alright?".


What do you do when the things you didnt ask for happens and the things you where holding in your hands one moment dies. And sometimes it feels as if God is leaving you, I would suggest that some of the moments when it feels as though he is walking away from you he is creating a desire within you so that if you draw near to him he will draw near to you.

The next time the devil is trying to tell you "God has abandoned you" look at him right in the eye and say "I am his and he his mine and God is with me in the middle". So when somebody ask you "Are you alright?" Dont be disturbed, dont be troubled, dont be distracted, but be bold and confident that everything is working for your good.

From 2 kings 4; I love what the woman did in that scripture, Gehazi comes to ask her the question "Are you alright?" But he's not the one who prophesied to begin with, so watch what she does. Even though she's a great woman, she lied that "Everything will be alright" why did she lie? Maybe she wasnt lying, maybe she just knew something and maybe she needed her problems to be handled by someone who is able to solve it.

She said "I'm Alright, but I'm not really" look at what she did next, she pushed right past the person who had no power to solve it. Quit talking to everybody about everything, quit complaining about everything, quit trying to cover up stuffs for people and just go back to the one who spoke it to start with. She had the good sence to know how to get back to the one who started it.

You start crying when someone says,

"you all alright?"


Cause no, you really havent been, worrying and anxiety has taken over for a couple of months or even years. You know what to do, you know you have to trust God and let go but sometimes "its easier said than done".

So am asking the readcash community and everyone out there "Are you alright?" You lived with problems for years and when someone ask you if you are alright or not you simply say Yes!, but deep down you grieve all through the night take it personally to God. You struggle each semester in college and you dont know how to do it when the semester is closing in the fear of failing, you are asked "Are you alright?" You say again Yes. But if you can live it to God and shut that door everything will be alright.

Some people just need to be asked and given attention, a year ago I asked someone I usually see most times in church and I asked him how he was really doing "he answered me, do I really want to know?" I said yes then he gave me reasons why he is always sad.

This word is for you today, God is able to heal you, to give you peace, and to give you your heart desires today. Are you willing to go back to him in prayers, just personal with him. And watch the amazing things he'd do for you.


Thank you for reading.

Happy Sunday to everyone and have a wonderful week.

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July 11 2021

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1 year ago


Thanks this has been really helpful, and you have this way of always impacting people. I always stop by everyday well done sir

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1 year ago

Thank you I am glad it did..thank you for reading.

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1 year ago

How do I say that this came at the right time for me . Like this write-up is exactly for me at this point in time! Thanks !!

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1 year ago

You welcome QueenMary, thank you for reading am so glad it helped you.

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1 year ago

Most times I try to hide that I don't feel good, when am asked I just say yes!..I have learned something new from this write up it is loaded. Good to have a personal communication with God because he is able to change our situations.

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1 year ago

Exactly he is able to do that...thank you

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1 year ago

We should put all our burden on him and never have a doubt about his capacity is the true way but many after casting their burden on him,they still look and contemplate if God is going to do it which is bad. You have spoken well,in every situation we find ourself,we should always tell people it is well with our soul,and by so doing it will be.

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1 year ago

Thank you Gaftek, we must surrender for God to take charge even in our bad state. Only God can truly make it right.

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1 year ago

You are welcome

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1 year ago