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Will be lost in 20 years!

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Do you remember the time when we played the snake game on nokia's feature phone, made the snake a few meters bigger, then bit the tail and turned the game over and got angry? want to throw the phone away? or when the only way to watch our movie was VCR OR DVD player? these things can no longer be found.

Remote Control

The remote control is one of the most useful technologies in the world today. Dedicated remote control devices are now available for many more devices besides TVs, ACs. cars, without which that device It becomes difficult to control well. You must know how frustrating it is to lose a TV remote under a sofa cushion while watching TV. But now the amount of remote control use is more than before Somewhat reduced. Many smartphones now have IR sensors that can be used to control almost any remote control device via a smartphone.

In addition, manufacturers are now developing dedicated smartphone apps for various electric devices so that it is possible to control the device from the smartphone with the help of that app. This is why remote control Usage has decreased from before. In addition, it is now possible to control many smart devices directly through voice dictation through smartphones. Many more such new sensors and new ones in the coming years Technology will come which will completely replace the dedicated remote control. Not even 20 years, in the next few years the remote control will start to be lost.

Cash and credit cards

Maybe 10 years ago when there was no credit card or debit card, the only way to pay or pay somewhere was cash or bank check. then when credit cards and debit cards were introduced, it was There was a groundbreaking development in terms of payment system. With the advent of credit card online payments, this has become one of the most convenient and easy-to-pay ways to make payments. Credit card yet One of the most popular payment methods so far. But then the benefits of mobile wallet such as Paypal, Skrill or payment systems like bKash in Bangladesh. Once launched, they become more accessible and more convenient than cash and credit cards.

Economists believe that in the future, these mobile wallets or payments that can be easily made using a smartphone will be the most popular and most used payment method. The next few The benefits and features of these mobile wallets will increase year by year and it is safe to say that these mobiles will have the ability to completely replace cash and credit cards within the next 20 years. The wallets. Moreover, in the future, the facility to pay using facial recognition will also come. MasterCard is already working on a new technology called Selfie Pay and Facial. Payment used for recognition will be processed.


In the next 20 years, maybe your kids or their kids will go to your old drawer and find a small sheet of weird design made of steel and show it to you and ask what it is. Then you Tell them about the time when we used the key to secure our valuables in our drawers, our doors, our cars, etc., and how frustrated we were to lose this key once. Us. But your children or their children should never get into trouble. Because then there will be no need to use the key as security key.

Then the key thing will become so old that they will be in a condition to be stored in a museum. Keystrokes will then be replaced by more advanced security systems such as 3D Face Recognition, Voice Recognition, Fingerprint Security, Irish scanning etc. Then maybe you need to have your eyes scanned to unlock the door of your house or 3D scanning of your face. Also more reliable security in the future Systems may come, but they must not be as outdated as keys made of metal.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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