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What if the internet shuts down?

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1 year ago

Internet-Word is one of the most important words in the world today. At present no one has internet connection, it is out of people's thoughts. The current situation has reached such a stage that food, clothing and In addition to housing, the "Internet" thing has become like a basic human need. In every moment of life we ​​are using the internet knowingly or unknowingly and taking the help of the internet.

But can you imagine what would happen if you woke up tomorrow morning and saw that the Internet was working somewhere else in the world and that the Internet would never work again? How is your life

And what will be the lifestyle of everyone else in the world? How can the world be without internet? Can you survive without scrolling through Facebook's news feed? Chicken dinner with friends every night before bed Can you survive without eating? You can read this article, which means your internet is still active. But what if someone suddenly switches off the Internet?

I know, you can argue all day about how helpful and beneficial it can be for our health, our minds and our society to shut down the internet. Yes, of course when the internet is down Hardcore smartphone addicts will also have real life conversations with people by taking their eyes off their phone screen and that is definitely a very good thing. Moreover, when the Internet is shut down, we will discover that we are
I can also make phone calls with the help of smartphone. When the Internet is down, we will bring back the old methods of communication. Such as fax machine, telegram machine, wired telephone etc. We are something I will not open the notes app on our phone to keep notes, but will use actual paper and pen.

Oh yes, we also have a television to entertain us. In the last few years, the rate of people watching television has decreased a lot. With the advent of smartphones and the Internet, very few people are looking for entertainment Watching television. And nowadays the television device is not turned on by anyone except the elderly people in the house, which means in simple words those who do not use smartphones and internet very much, they are still watching television for entertainment. Uses. And if the Internet doesn't shut down, people's television viewing rates will continue to decline. And just like that, when the internet is permanently shut down, we will all watch television again.

But the world will not stop without the Internet. Because, now more than 4 billion people do not have access to the Internet. So those who do not have access to the Internet, even if the Internet is off No problem. So half of the world's people will not be able to notice when the Internet is down. But that is only for a limited time. In a nutshell, the lack of internet will affect more or less every person in the world. However It's not you or me, you-me we'll notice as soon as the internet shuts down. When the website of our choice does not load, when trying to login to PUBG will not login or Facebook Even if you send a message to your friends, it will not be delivered, then most of your internet addicts like me will get frustrated.

In the absence of internet, social media users will start calling each other without being able to text on Messenger. And the first thing they say on a phone call is not "hello" or "how are you" after receiving the call. The first word of all of them will be "Don't you have internet too?". Then maybe if you like your friend's new profile picture, you can't "love" it and call him to let him know that his new You like the profile picture. Wait, no one can use Facebook without internet, uploading profile pictures is a long way off!

But when the Internet shuts down, when people start calling everyone, there will be an incredible strain on the telecommunication system and this will result in bad connections, weak networks, call drops. Normal. Because mobile operators will not be able to make their network so powerful or upgrade in one day. Mobile phones could not withstand so much network pressure in one day Towers can also stop working temporarily or hang. As long as mobile operators are upgrading their networks to withstand this extra network pressure, this is a problem. Will continue And if we can't, then we must finally get into the habit of writing letters like in those old days.

And let's not talk about wireless file transfer, because since there will be no WiFi, you will need a wired connection to transfer files or photos. Since there will be no online media streaming, so be it We need to use DVD drives and discs to watch movies or any photo or video content. Then the DVD drive on the PC will no longer be an unnecessary part.

Let's look at the economy. Currently all banks and financial organizations store all customers' financial data or account data on their online servers. So if there is no internet, these data Stored and accessed or processed will be absolutely impossible. Internet money transfer will no longer be possible. Your credit and debit cards will become just a useless plastic card. Everything will be closed Types of digital money transfer services such as bKash, Paypal, Bank Transfer everything.

When the internet is down, you can expect to get your money back even if it is late. However, if you store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin online In the wallet, then of course you will never get them back or access them until the internet is restarted. However, if you want to get back the money kept in your bank, you will have to suffer a lot.

Since the bank will no longer be able to access any data about you such as how much money was in your account, how much money you have deposited, how much money you have withdrawn, so track your account balance It will be very difficult for you and them to do. Moreover, when the internet is down, the only way to send money to someone is to physically hand over the money or order money at the post office like in the old days. After all, if the Internet is shut down, the whole economy of the world will change a lot.

Also, the world's largest Internet-based billionaire industries, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., will be completely gone and they will not be able to make any more money. Moreover Employees and staff working in these companies will lose their jobs in a moment. Moreover, online based companies and publications or blogs that rely on online advertising are completely Keeping business running (e.g. WireBD blogs!) Will also be affected when the internet is down. Because, their income will be absolutely zero.

Besides, if the internet is shut down, the transportation system will also be damaged. Airports, train stations, etc. will not be connected to each other unless there is internet. This also results in tracking flights and tracking trains It will be more difficult to read. Besides, after sending a product from one country to another, it will not be possible to track it online. This will hurt international shipping companies and, above all, the international transportation system.

However, is it at all possible to shut down the Internet completely? The short answer is no. It is not possible to turn off the Internet completely, or even if it is possible, it is quite a hassle. So much trouble that the Internet is shut down by mistake Going or someone is intentionally shutting down the internet, it is not possible. Because the Internet is a global network of computer networks around the world, owned by no one. No internet The owner does not have the power to shut down the Internet.

However, the governments of some countries have a kill switch on the Internet with the help of which the government of that country can only turn off the Internet of that country. However, no one in the world has the power to shut down the Internet. There is no main machine on the internet. Even if one part of the Internet is shut down, there are thousands of other parts that will remain functional.

So don't worry, the internet will never be permanently shut down. You can use the internet until your death and most importantly, view memes online and play PUBG!

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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