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Muhammad Ershad

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2 years ago
Hussein Muhammad Ershad cannot deny that contribution
He made Islam the state religion of Bangladesh.
He declared Friday a holiday.
He waived the bill of Masjid Madrasa.
He made it a rule to broadcast Azan on TV.
He introduced the upazila system.
He introduced Guchhgram.
He is a proud former army chief of the country.
He is the former successful president of this country for nine years.
His nine-year rule was the golden age of development of this country.
During his rule, corruption, rape, murder, robbery, public outcry, these were difficult.
During his time, people lived in peace and security.
He was the one who said, 'If 7,000 villages are saved, Bangladesh will be saved'.
He is Pallibandhu Alhajj Hussain Muhammad Ershad.

Towards the end of his life, he is in the ICU of CMH Hospital on the verge of death. God forbid maybe he is ours Sometimes he will not stay for long but his contributions for this country will remain in every desert of Bengal.

You may not like his team, you may not like him personally, that is your personal matter. But to deny his contributions No, you have no right to disrespect him. Today you are the news of the death of this man who is on his way to death Going viral, are you human ...? As a former army chief, you don't have the mentality to show the least respect to him as a former president ..? You don't respect your father ..? Can't rumors of your parents' death go viral ..?

Stay well dear Pallibandhu. I pray to Allah to heal you again and return 6,000 grams of your life to the heart of Bengal.

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Written by   37
2 years ago
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