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Reasons why patients do not recover as fast as expected.

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1 year ago

Low immunity – Will prevent the patient to recover because its body cannot survive medications that easy and it can also result to immune deficiencies.

Doesn’t have healthy diet - Not having a healthy diet results into high cholesterol, high blood pressure, some cancers, being overweight and many other health issues. Health issues mention above may result to delayed recovery of the patient.

Have another sickness – Having another sickness may cause the patient to have emotional stress that may cause serious illness to the patient that’s why he can’t recover easy.

Medical Malpractice of the Doctor/Nurse – This can extend the psychological trauma of the patient. Medical malpractice can also cause injury to the patient and may worsen its sickness that’s why patient don’t recover fast as expected.

Do not follow doctors prescriptions – This can lead into worsen the disease of the patient that’s patient does not recover fast.

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