The year of name of corona year😷

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3 years ago

The year of 2020,when it comes we are very happy.We celebrate a lot with lights,sweets a lot of things we can do in happiness..but that is the horrible as much year to be proven.A lot of peoples are gone from the world to the rest but we should never give up,we can fight with this horrible tiny thing.And the by day we can see that with our SOP's and all the directions that the scientist gave us,follow them.And also the governments of whole world can do their job very honestly,they control it,they did it.I really appreciate the struggles of whole world governments and also all the peoples who are working against this hilarious tiny things.Our doctors can do their jobs,they prove their selves super hero's to their nation,they struggle a lot,they gave sacrifices of their lives.This year the whole world can join together to face this problem this thing I really love that whole world can joined.And the result is becoming 100%.Hope this experience should not be for gotten.May the people who should died by this virus,rest in piece.

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