The season changing problems.for parents

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2 years ago

I want to share my own experience of season changing today's morning my son was get up and goes to his grandfather I was looking for him.He games back to my room suddenly he will lay down to the floor.I ask him get up my son why are you sleeping here get up get up.Then I went to him and pick him up but I see he has a little cough and a little bit of warmer and then his eyes are going to the side he was not responding like his hand was shivering.My husband was not at home my big son run to the grandpa and tell him that his small brother is not responding,he came and get my son on his hands he say what happens.My feet's were not working to see my sons condition.Then my father in law said that hurry up let him to hospital.We ran to the hospital.We reached there in emergency ward the Dr also the nurses are came to attend they gave my son some kind of injections.The Dr check him up.Then I was in shocked to hear the Dr he says. My son warmet is gone to the breath vane.And thats why he has in this condition.But we gave him treatment now he is better.O my god.I was crying to see my son.My father in law was also crying.The Dr told him not to worry but after some time my son was getting up.we came to our house I gave my son green tea then he will alright.The Dr says that at the time of season changing there are a lot of that kind of cases which has chest infections.And then vormet....Be careful are parents at the time of season changing take extra care of your kids .Thank you

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