Life is a big exam......

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3 years ago

Life is very difficult when you do not have what ever you want....I saw most of people were tired of life.Because they do not have faculties.

Most of the peoples which can spent a lot of their money,for thier studies.For completing their degrees but alas,they couldn't find any job.

There are three types of educaters:

1: These peoples are the children's of millionaires.They have every thing in their life,whenever they want anything their parents can provide them.They do not take any interest on their studies.They are nill,but at the end they can join their parents business and also they became direct boss...

2:These peoples are the children's of any kind of nation officers such as militaries,and other departments of nations.They have a little interest on their studies at least they now that our parents become officers by study.But they are also becomes an officer by the reference of their parents.

The last category is the poor peoples which can even struggle for the one time of meal....They work hard even they don't care their health.Most of them are studying very hard and they study on scholarship base because their parents can't afford there fee and they know about that.But at the end they can became an employee of the first category peoples which have joined their parents business ....

What do you think is it justice?

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3 years ago