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How to Monetize Facebook Page?

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We know that you can earn money by monetizing videos on YouTube. Especially in the last 2/3 years, those who were trying to earn income from YouTube did quite well. Because the situation happened 2/3 years ago, those who were working on this platform know very well. But then the disaster started, because the number of duplicate copies on YouTube was increasing at the same rate as the quality of the video, it goes without saying. As a result, many large organizations began to stop giving them ads. In this, YouTube lost their big advertiser companies. That's why YouTube is starting to set new policies for its users. For which there are countless YouTube users from here; They fall for low quality content.

However, those of us who run Facebook have seen ads coming in between when they get videos on Facebook at different times. As seen on YouTube. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Now you can monetize your content on Facebook. As a result, you can monetize your content on Facebook to earn income.

Policies for Monetizing Facebook Pages

There are some Facebook policies that you must follow to monetize Facebook pages. In particular, your content can not hurt anyone, bad words or ignorance, etc. can not be done. There are also a number of other policies that, if the exception is, your page may be canceled from Monetize. Here you can see the qualifications required to monetize your page.

How to Monetize Facebook Page

If you are ready to monetize your Facebook page, first go to this link. If you have more than one page, you can view all your pages from one option. Do the following.

From here you can see all your pages drawn by 1. To monetize the page you have to click on option 2.

After clicking on the second option, it will look like the picture below. Here you can see the names of all your pages again. Now click on the name of the page you want to monetize the content.

You can easily see if the page you selected for monetization is eligible for monetization here.

If your page is eligible for monetization, the green circle will be enlarged (image is attached below) and it will say “Congratulations! Your Page is ready to earn money. ”

And if you have a minor problem with your page, the yellow circle will enlarge, and if your page is not ready to be monetized in any way, enlarge the red mark as below.

If you are eligible to monetize your page, you can monetize your page by following the next few steps. Since there is no video content on my page and the page is brand new, I am not ready to monetize my page yet. As a result, I have not been able to show you the next steps, for which I sincerely apologize. But I hope you can easily take the next steps if your page is ready to monetize...

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