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How to increase Twitter follower??

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Nowadays, social media is all over the world. A statistic shows that the number of social media users in 2018 is 2.62 billion and which is expected to reach 2.8 billion in 2019. When we think of building a country with social media users; It can be seen that no other country has more population than this.

And there are 105+ social media worldwide. And we are familiar with a handful of social media. Especially Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. These shots are very familiar to us.

We have more Facebook users in Bangladesh. However, there are a small number of users who use Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Even after that, those who use it may not use it because they have less followers. Because Twitter is not like Facebook, the person you added as a friend can see your status or you can see his status! Here's a little different thing, whoever follows you can see your status on his home page. To put it simply, it's not just a Facebook user account, it's a system like a Facebook page. And that's why many people are looking for ways to increase followers on Twitter.

To increase Twitter, many of us may follow other Twitter users in the hope that the one who is followed may also follow me. Of course, this is not a misconception, it just happens to be. But at a very slow pace. You can take the following steps to speed up the growth of followers on Twitter..

How to increase followers on Twitter?

In addition to your Twitter account, you will need accounts such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to increase your Twitter followers. If not, you can do it, it will be easier to increase your followers by following less on Twitter.

If you have the accounts on the above social site ready, you can open an account by signing up for these two sites like and Once the account is complete, you can easily increase your Twitter followers using these two sites...

How do you do that?

Here are the points you need to increase your Twitter followers. And you have two ways to make points, one of which is to buy points, and the other is to increase points by working. Work is not a complicated job. You can make points using your YouTube, Pinterest, etc. account. For example: - To make a point, go to Youtube -> Subscribers from the option called Earn Points. Go here and you will see the following picture.

Now, if you click on any of the Subscribe button, it will show you like the picture below.

Now clicking on the Subscribe to (username) button will open a new popup window where the link to the YouTube user will open. Now, here you can subscribe to that YouTube channel by clicking the Subscribe button. Then close the window. If you subscribe correctly, your points will be added and another new channel will be automatically loaded in the subscribe option. This way one by one will come and those will continue to add points if you keep subscribing...

How to add your Twitter account?

According to the above rules, you will increase your points. But now the question is, how to increase your Twitter followers? To increase your Twitter followers, you need to add your Twitter profile link here. For this go to Add / Edit sites–> Twitter–> Followers option, you will see the following image...

In the empty box here, click Add Twitter with your Twitter username. If you do it right, you will see your Twitter username like the picture below...

You can reduce or increase the 6 Points that you see in the picture above. These points mean how much you want to spend to get a follower.

How to work LikeForLike?

If you can get Yuli to do the above, you won't have a problem working here. The same rule is followed here. Only the names of the options are a little different, nothing else.

After logging in to LikeForLike, you need to make points from the option called Social media exchange. And to get your Twitter followers by going to the Add and Manage page option, you have to go to the Twitter Follows option and add your Twitter profile.

You can also increase the likes of Facebook, YouTube, etc. pages from LikeForLike. There are many more sites like this but they are a bit slow. I didn't get good results using them, so I didn't give them here. Try the above two sites and hopefully you will get good results.

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