Books that will change your life!!

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2 years ago

Here are some books which i will strongly recommend to everyone . This books will change your perceptions and values. It will surely have a great impact on your life . And if you can't buy hard copy i will recommend one website where you will easily find this books . Book reading is necessary in life Why ? Because it will change your thinking process which no other thing can easily change your thinking process. Here are 5 books which i will recommend to read on number wise. The one on top should be your first priority to read.

1 .Alchemist .

This book is easy and have less pages as compare to other. So if you are beginer then you should start from this book

2 .Thinking fast and slow

3.Story of my life by hellen keller

4.How the world works

5.The subtle art of not giving a fu**

The last one is one of the best book i have ever read . Why i put this on last because once you read this you will surely want to read it again .

And if you buy in hard copy it will be good but incase you can't buy hard copy then you can download all this book here on this website .

Library Genesis...Search this on google and start downloading books from here

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May I add, 4 major books that change the perception and science of humans, the Torah, the jabur, the gospel and the Koran ... I think all the basics of any knowledge are there

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2 years ago