20 Secrets to living a happier life ..

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2 years ago

There is an unfortunate reason why happiness is often elusive...our brain is simply aren't wired that way. Instead,our brain is evolve to survive,to protect ourselves,to keep us safe.

How did we find joy? .It wouldn't happens overnight but there are the top 20 thing you could discover in order to live a happier life.

1.Focus on the positive.

If you want to live a happier life you will have to retrain your mind from negative thinking to positive thinking.

2.Celebrate little

Life is full of ups and downs but between this we have a little victories that go unnoticed.Take a time and celebrate your small wins

3.Find your work_life balance.

Work takes off a lot of our day but it shouldn't be the only things we do . We should balance our life

4.Practice mindfullness.

Mindfullness mediation works by bringing you awareness and attention to the present moments.

5.Be creative

6.Accept imperfectons

7.Do what you love

8.Spend wisely

9.Live in the moment

10.Cultivate Gratitude

11.Give back

12.Surprise yourself

13.Listen to and engage with music

14.You do you

15.Build meaningful relationship

16.Nothing compares to you

17.Stop worrying

18.Hang out with happy people

19.Spend time with Nature

20.Remininsce over happy

Thank you for reading this .

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Most of the time i feel sad but then I realize why i need to be like this for no reason ,maybe i cannot do things that I want ..The reason why felt it because I forgot myself , I start loving my self and taking a break and from that day I feel the happiness "The true Happiness that I'll never feel before"

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2 years ago


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2 years ago

yeah do what you want.full your life in most valuable and creative way. we only live once

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2 years ago

Exactly we only live once

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2 years ago

enjoy your life everyday every seconds. we do not know all when god brought our lives

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2 years ago