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8 months ago
  • Tea is a popular drink all over the world.Now -a-days people of classes take tea for refreshment. It is obtained from the leaves of tea plants.Tea is prepared from the leaves of this plant.

  • What it is: Tea is a kind of leafty plant. It looks bushy and green.

  • Where grown: Tea grows well in China,India,Japan,Bangladesh,Srilanka,Indonesia and some other countries in the world. The land needs sufficient tilling. Wet land where water does not stand is suitable for it.

  • Process of Cultivations: The cultivation of tea require hard labour.It requires hard labour.It requires hot climate and moist soil.First, the seeds of tea are sown in a nursery.Seedlings are then transplanted in rows on the slopes of hills.It requires regular rainfall for its growth. When the tea plants are matured after three or four years,they are pruned for better growth.

  • Usefulness :Tea is also a cash crop of Bangladesh. We earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting tea.It is a Favourite drink to all classes of people. It removes fatigue and refreshes our mind.

  • Preparation : The preparation of tea is very easy.Firstly, water is boiled.Tea leaves are dropped into it.After a few minutes, tea leaves are filtered out.Sugar and milk are mixed with it. And thus we can get a cup of tea for drinking.

  • Conclusion : Bangladesh produces much tea of good quality. It is a cash crop of Bangladesh. It earns enough foreign exchange by exporting tea. It is greatly helpful for our economic development. So we should take necessary steps for its improvement.

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Written by   7
8 months ago
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