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Well woman empowerment,woman respect,woman role,woman responsibilities ,all these have been most discussed topics since a decade.............

As world has evolved and revolutionized in every field,it has changed/modified/evolved human mind,thinkings and views too..............................

Woman has been an important topic and personality since mankind rose up.........

According to my views , ALLAH Pak has given special power to woman to that she has more convincing power,more tolerating power,more judging power and one important power i.e it has a magic to change the mood of man anytime.She has power to change the mood of a man..

Change can be good or bad and it totally depends on one and only WOMan.

Hmmmm well now many NGOs have been working for welfare of women as this sex gas been exploited alot in past by illiterate people.....

Am not just talking of one Nation or country,it was world wide but now with passage of time time has evolved every one . Education has brought positive effect and broaden the view........

But meanwhile some bad effects are also there as with extremism of feminists....

I am feminist but upto certain limit b. I support feminists but when they become over I disagree with them and become antagonist to them

Well woman is now an integral part of society.An educated and sensible woman give rise to sensible and educated nation.

Islam has given a huge respect to woman 

It was Islam first who gave such a respect to woman about 1500 years ago when even European philosophers we're against women

It was time when women were mostly cursed but Islam gave her huge respect in every form

Inshort,both woman and man are the essential constituents of society just like two tyres of bike,if one will be punctured,whole bike will be stopped

I hope you will like my post

Stay blessed

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