Respiratory disorders

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2 years ago

Now the topic which I am going to share with you us related to our health and body....

Yes today I will tell you about some diseases related to

Respiratory system

Well respiratory system is one of our vital systems ...

Imagine if it's not functioning then you will not be able to survive even for a minute....................

Let me share with you some of important diseases

Important doesn't mean they are are necessary for us 😉😁😉😊😊😊😊😊 but they are major ones

Pneumonia is a first one which is due to inflammation of lungs

Inflammation causes accumulation of blood cells and fluid in lungs cavity.

This causes problem in normal functioning

Well second big one is asthma ,you all may be aware of it as it's a common disease these days

In this disease breathing is with wheezing sound

Wheezing is a whistle like sound ..

This wheezing is due to problem in musculature of lungs

Here comes the largest one which emphysema which is actually due to destruction of alveoli

Alveoli may be destructed due to cigerrette

Inhale of toxic gases

Accumulation of toxin in lungs

All these lead to a severe condition i.e emphysema

In this post I aware of you of some big respiratory diseases

Wait for next series to get much more like this

I hope you might like it

With best wishes

Stay blessed


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