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Hello readcash mates


How are you I hope you are all fine

Well today I wanna talk something about 


​​​​Rain is name of weather/condition/climate in which water in a form of droplets are dripped from the clouds.....

​but what about clouds actually it's the mixture of many gases,dust and water vapour which are as a mixture capable of even movement..........

​Ok ,well our main topic is rain .from few days it's been raining in my area ,so it made me think something extra about it .let me explain

​if you are a wealthy one or a stable one ,having a beautifully and strongly built house and if it rains then you are sure to enjoy it as you are saved from hazardous of it,now you are just suffering positive part of rain that is to produce a scenery.you will be happy and must ask someone to cook something delicious and spicy and crispy 😋👌👌👌👌

​but ,but ,but.....      .....

​now imagine you as a man having house whose roof itself drips from many place..

​imagine you are sleeping and above you is a whole in roof and water droplets make you awaken...........🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣then can you tell me now what be your feelings than🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

​i don't know what's the thing to laugh in it but it made me laugh on it.....

​now if we take another scenario that if you are in relationship with someone ,He/she is with you with hands in hands and it suddenly rains....now what will be your condition

​Surely ,you will enjoy warm arms of each other💙💜💘💋

​that's why rain is also known as love climate

​well to conclude the discussion ,I wanna say that no doubt rain is a beautiful for sentiments , emotions and feelings but for those who are capable to tolerate it.its just a burden for a one who even don't have a repaired house...  . 

​although it's physiologically very dashing.it rubs off every kinda pollution but it also cause much of soil erosion and disasters

​well these were things which ran through my mind during these days so wanna share it with you

​stay blessed

​click is my own🤣

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2 years ago


Is one of the gifts from nature

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2 years ago

An impressive article, keep it up

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2 years ago

Walaikum Assalaam.Many people write a lot about rain but yours is a very good thank you for your article

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2 years ago