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Cholesterol is a component of blood. Most of our favorite foods are high in saturated fats which are also the worst kind of mass there is. Saturated fats mostly come from animal foods and our body converts them into cholesterol which blocks arteries and causes heart disease.

Cholesterol is an integral part of the cell membrane and steroid hormones. A body without cholesterol cannot survive, however in large quantities it can be very harmful. It is important to note that we distinguish between two types of cholesterol HDL good cholesterol and LDL bad cholesterol. High levels of LDL or bad cholesterol can cause heart and blood vessel disease, as well as stroke and heart attack.

Almost every person at least once in their life wonders how to lower cholesterol without medication. Find out below how to reduce elevated blood cholesterol levels. Take health into your own hands.

How to recognize high blood cholesterol?

Elevated blood cholesterol can go completely unnoticed until you access your first blood tests. Blood Cholesterol Symptoms:

yellowish growths on the eyelids (xanthelasma - fatty deposits around the eyes),

gray rings around the cornea (deposition of fat in the cornea),

tingling in the arms and legs,

neck pain due to blockage of blood vessels,

quick heart rate.

If you notice any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor who will refer you for blood tests.

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The most cholesterol is not good for the human health I really appreciate it keep it up

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