Weed Addiction

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Weed addiction is a problem facing not only the youth but even some of the elders of our community. This addiction has driven some people to grow cannabis in their backyards so they no longer have to buy from dealers or for the reason of being dealers on their own.

To these addicts, weed influence makes every told joke more funny, every food more delicious, every movie more interesting, every song more melodious and their thinking more optimistic. Some even claim to be on top of their game when high on weed.

What they don't understand is the extra added feeling is based on an impaired judgement. Not only does weed give the aforementioned, it causes little by little brain damage given the rate of addiction.

Checkout, most weed addicts you know are always forgetful especially when it comes to important details.

Now, this brain impairment worsens given the continuance of the weed intake and might lead to permanent brain damage(not in all cases).

Not only does weed intake impair the brain cells, research has shown that it increases the rate at which the heart beats and u believe we all are aware of how important the heart is.Of course, most weed addicts are ignorant of this fact, all they want is get high and be on top of their world.

They care less of the damage the addiction can cause them but more of the highness it gives them.

The worst part is that talking to these addicts about the dangers of their addiction is like trying to turn water into wine.

Only Jesus can

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Addiction of any type of drug or thing is very bad and it never ends well. Nice article with some really good points

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4 years ago