Polygon partnering with NFL?

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2 years ago

NFL recently anounced they would be willing to issue tickets to their sporting events as NFT:s through Polygon tokens. The idea behind this is that the tickets themselves would be used as commemorative items and only be issued for select games.

The reason Polygon hasn't gone to the moon yet over these amazing news could be because they also recently announced their one billion dollar zk strategic fund, something that is believed to be at leats partly by sale of Polygon tokens.

Also, initial investors of the polygon token were awarded airdrops, or vesting cliffs as it is called in their own terminology, where initial investors were awarded new Polygon tokens.

Considering the initial investors paid less than a cent for each Polygon token it is not unlikely they decided to take their winnings home due to the new airdrop.

See the full story on the youtube link.

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