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Found another location to spreading Bitcoin Cash in Lagos, Nigeria.

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1 month ago

Ever since I've fallen in love with Bitcoin Cash, of which has helped me a lot and opened my eyes to the world of cryptocurrency, i have been so addicted that i took it upon myself to relay the message of Bitcoin Cash to everyone i come across, and trust me its been a tough journey but a sweet one, of course for the love of the community.

This is JJT park in the center of Lagos State, Nigeria. Just beside the Lagos State House of Assembly, Governor's office and Secretariat. You can bet this is going to be a good location to spreading Bitcoin Cash in the location, due to the dignitaries and influential people who visits the parks on weekends with their families. I actually went to get one of my clients some food materials, from there took some time to visit some key areas, and JJT is just one of them, I'm glad i came here for it has given me the clue about how to go about upgrading my Bitcoin Cash awareness.

Down to the picture i took from the Park showing key areas around the park:

My picture with the EYO

Statue of Lagos Masquerade (Eyo);

Eyo is the name of Lagos Masquerade, in Africa, virtually every country, states, tribes has their masquerade and culture, and EYO is just one of them, with their hat,staff,white robe,and socks to cover up. Immediately one enters the park, you will be greeted with the statue of EYO, depicting welcoming you to the park. On weekends, the statue gushes out water like a spring, which makes it look beautiful and a place to always pay a visit.

The EYO statue by the entrance

The Flag of World Countries;

By your right after entering is the sight of arrays of world flags, ranging from Nigerian to the rest of the world. I loved staying at the center of the flags, because the blowing makes the flag have some sounds which is interesting to the ear, no doubt that the environment of the park is clean, green and enjoyable.

The world countries flag

A look at the Green Environment;

Like they say, the land is green and depicts goodness, richness and fortune, so as the environment. From the shelter around the park, i took a picture to show the green environment and it looks beautiful and loving. The shelter is made for people to sit under it and have nice time, business talks and perhaps have a date.

The Park green environment

Statue of Past Governors of Lagos State;

Just at the center of the flags is the statue head of the past Governors of Lagos State, there is also inscription of the local government areas around Lagos just below it. The head statue stand is nice for taking pictures, sit out, and good place too to strike a conversation with the visitors about Bitcoin Cash.

Statue of Lagos Past Governors

The Lagos House of Assembly;

Just outside beside the park is the Lagos House of Assembly, and Lagos secretariat and governor's office, this makes it a good location to spread Bitcoin Cash in Lagos because of the dignitaries and influential people that comes there for business meetings and weekend treats.

Picture of Lagos House of Assembly

The Bird Nest;

The built bird nest made the park look more beautiful and standard, to me it looks more like a mini zoo. Just after entering by the side of the Lagos masquerade statue is the bird nest, built to capture the interest of the visitors and indeed it was a great initiatives, and a good corner to communicate and strike a conversation about Bitcoin Cash with anyone.

The Park bird Nest

The Children Arena;

The children playing ground is built for children to have their nice time playing and hooking up with each other, its not so big place but key area in children bonding with each other with the help of the parents, while parents talks to each other, they can talk about Bitcoin Cash which will help a lot in creating much more awareness to the rest of the people.

Children Playing ground.
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Thanks for taking your time to read, look forward to my next article, and also join me on Noise.Cash


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Written by   28
1 month ago
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Great article. I love it the way you spread bitcoin cash to others. It will help them see that there is something beyond BTC. I think BCH is the future. As long as we in the community keep supporting it, it will grow enormously. I love your article.

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1 month ago

I fell in love with BCH and it has helped me a lot, the best i could do give back to the community is keep spreading the good news about BitcoinCash Thanks brother

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1 month ago

Please take your time to read this article it will be of help to you in your writing journey.

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1 month ago

I selectively detailed it, in my own very little way, hope for an increased number of BCH community. Thanks for your input brother

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1 month ago