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TED talks.

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5 months ago

We are all a product of influence and no matter how much one may try to deny it,  the fact still remains that we are the way we are as a result of what we see, hear, experience and learn. You probably like what you like because someone you know or look up to liked it. You think the way you do and have these deep convictions and predispositions as a result of something external. Such can be said about me because my thought process and convictions are or were influenced by external forces. One of which I would be telling you about in this article. This one is Tedx talks.  In my very first article here, I wrote that one day, it's a dream of mine to be a Tedx Speaker. I would consider it to be one of my greatest ambitions in life. 

So what are Ted Talks? Ted Talks take  the form of videos and they are speeches that are delivered by experts in different fields and they deliver speeches on Business, Finance,  art, medicine,  etc almost any topic on any field that contributes to humanity. This was founded  by Richard Saul Wurman, who co-founded it with Harry Marks in February 1984. The idea behind the establishment was based on an observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a convergence of technology,  entertainment and design. Over the years, it has evolved to include speakers from other aspects of human endeavours and the speeches has gone beyond what it use to be. Now, for a number of speeches I have listened to, they seek to teach, inspire, make you reflect and empathize. Most of what I have listened to has helped in one way or the other to form my deepest of convictions. 

I came across Ted in 2016. A teacher in my church sat me down and began to advise that I give myself to exploring apps on the Internet that help to improve and widen the scope of my thought. One of the apps he suggested was a TED app. So the next day, I downloaded the app and the very first speech I listened to on the app was "The Danger of a single story " by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (my heroine) and that changed everything for me. She spoke on how that stories we share about a person, a people or place can affect how people perceive those place, people or so. Stories told and spread about a people , most especially the fallacious ones, could encourage an undeserved prejudice, bias towards these people. That speech taught me to be mindful of what I am told and check to be sure before developing a strong perspective or arriving at a conclusion.

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The very next video I listened to that literally changed my life was Tony Porter's "A Call to Men". A speech that challenged misogyny and sexism. A speech that sought for boys to be taught how not to see a girls as a weaker gender, but to be accorded the respect that they deserve. It was a 9-minute speech and it really changed my mindset back then. 

Over the years,I have listened to different speeches that has changed my viewpoints on a lot of things and I will listen to more that will still help me get more viewpoints on different issues as the years go by. I consider myself a lifetime learner. I actively seek different perspectives than mine to help me be more empathic and help me get a sense of a much bigger picture. TED for me is one of the avenues that has helped me with this and I'm forever grateful to the organisation for doing what it does. 

So I encourage you to listen and dare to see things from other perspectives.  It only helps to inform you and make you have fairer convictions. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Written by   10
5 months ago
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