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My Favourite Teacher...

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5 months ago

Hey Everyone. I hope we are all good. I want to start by appreciating you for the time you take to read my articles. I say Thank you. In this article, I will be writing about my favorite teacher in secondary school..(an odd topic right)

I attended an all boys school which is not so far from where my tertiary institution is. I had my six-year secondary school education in this all boys school and in retrospect, I would not say I had the best of times there but it wasn't my worst experience either. I say this because back then, growing up,  I struggled a lot with low self esteem so it didn't make me feel great at all times. But there were times, moments and experiences that I treasure the most and wouldn't trade for anything else. In my time there, there were people I met that I wish to never contact again in my lifetime because of how horrible they made me feel and the horrible things they did. I also met people who I loved, who made a lot of impact in my life and people I looked up to. 

One of these special people includes my fav secondary school teacher. For the sake of privacy,  I will identify her as Mrs OJ. 

Mrs OJ was the school's Agricultural science teacher.  She was short, dark-skinned, slim, always plaited beautiful traditional hairstyles peculiar to her tribe and had a very interesting dressing style. She spoke really well too and was a very funny person. I loved her. Among her colleagues, she had this lovable child-like character she displayed but with us, she tried to be as strict as possible but among her favourite students (me inclusive), she loosened up a bit. When she taught us in senior secondary school, she would be seated in the class in front of us and have discussions with us. In those moments, it would feel very easy to have a conversation with an adult and not feel like you're being disrespectful.  She gave off an atmosphere that made one feel easy to talk with her. She was funny too. I really loved her. I can remember finding it difficult to believe that she was a

One could say that the reason I always did very well and exceptional in her subject was because of how much I liked her. In Jss1, I didn't do so well in Agric(what we called it then) but in Jss2( which was when Mrs OJ started teaching me), I did very well and didn't perform any less as long as she taught us. Funnily, It even had me playing with the idea of being a farmer. But I still intend doing something Agricultural related in the not-so-distant future. To testify to how amazing this lady was,I was not the only one that felt this way about her. A lot of us ( her favourite students) really liked her and I would really enjoy her class. A classmate friend of mine studied an Agricultural related course in the University because of her. She was an amazing teacher.

I believe teaching goes beyond just sharing new information with another person and trying to gauge the person's understanding of the subject by conducting examinations. Great teachers create and encourage an atmosphere for students to feel comfortable in that learning space to ask, express their thoughts and be corrected fairly without feeling like trash. Great teachers also inspire students to be better and to strive to be better. Great teachers also make the subject interesting to learn and not feel burdensome and mundane.  Great teachers are also like Mrs OJ.

I have been taught by a lot of teachers in my lifetime but none compares to my Mrs OJ. She was an inspiration and I appreciate her for being such a great teacher. 

Feel free to talk about teachers in your life that have made an impact in your life in the comment section. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Written by   10
5 months ago
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