Fill out captchas - Earn HONK SLP Tokens / BCH

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What do I need?



SLP friendly wallet account

Free time

You'll need an SLP friendly wallet. Go here. They have a variety of wallets to choose from for different platforms. 

Setup and verify an account at altilly here

Go to the HONK faucet here. Save your password. This allows you to login later from another device if needed. 

Start filling out captchas. Each one solved you will get a small random amount under 150 HONK and varying different amounts of BCH satoshis. 

You can exchange your HONK SLP tokens for BCH at altilly. There are usually decent sized buy orders up. 

Referral bonuses are setup at 40 HONK and 10 BCH satoshis per captcha your friend fills out. 

You can hit the min withdraw after only 5 minutes of solving captchas. No ridiculous wait times to withdraw. ONLY withdraw to your own wallet. BCH is sent out to the same address the SLP is attached to. 

How much can I make?

Over time these small amounts will add up. Take advantage of the referral system and fill out as many as you can in your free time. You can make a few dollars a day. 

The HONK admin staff hide out here.

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nahh its not working faucet..

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Thank you

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Thx. I will try this. Great article... Thank you for the links too.

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