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3 years ago

Everytime it rain i remember you

Everytime it rain I felt so happy knowing you

Everytime it rain I remember your love for me all those years

Everytime I remember makes me want to see you once more

When I want to see made me realize the distance between us

When I think of the distance, It made me realize you Love for me was so great

Your Love that is so great that despite the my errors you have still forgiven me

You have forgiven all my inequities and imperfections

Thank you for the days you have been with me and the Lessons I learned

Thank you for the time you have shared with me

I will always thank you and remember the things you taught me

Your memories will always be with me everytime it rain

Till we meet again

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🥺🥺😢I'm touch with those words, i feel the emptiness 🥺🥺😢

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3 years ago