Protect your life from unstable emotional changes

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The first thing we need to know about our emotions is that they are temporary. Despite their transience, they have a huge impact on our lives. Because emotions push us to react or make a decision, that is, to take action. We are almost unable to stand still.

In today's chaotic world order, it is only natural that we experience emotional fluctuations. At the same time, it is our responsibility to prevent our emotions from damaging our lives.

Why do we experience sudden emotional changes? We can say that there are both physical and intellectual factors behind this situation. Our toxic eating habits and sedentary lifestyle have negative effects on our gut microbiota and hormones. These effects, which cause biochemical irregularities in our body, can cause challenging emotional fluctuations. In addition, anxieties, expectations, uncertainties and life pressures can make it difficult to manage our emotions.

Ultimately, our lifestyle, diet and outlook on life, combined with the effects of chaotic city life, can influence our emotions through both physical and psychological factors. One of the most critical consequences of this situation is the risk it poses to our reactions and decisions.

In daily life, we may make unstrategic, dysfunctional decisions in our relationships, business life or health issues, or show reactions that may not benefit us or even harm us due to the effect of these sudden emotional changes. Thus, we surrender the flow of our lives to the errant driving of our emotions. And these don't have to be big decisions or reactions. Because most of the time we shape our lives through the small actions we take every day.

Making decisions and reactions based on our values and goals, not our emotions, has a tremendous impact on our quality of life and peace of mind. This is where taking control of life lies.

In order to manage the process in times of emotional volatility, I suggest you take note of the following inner conversation practice and carry it with you. Over time, you will adopt this understanding and you will spontaneously speak these sentences.

Although it may feel like my current challenging emotions will never go away, they are temporary, and when I give myself enough time, they will subside. I'm going to give myself time and I'm not going to let this emotion force me to do anything. The decision I make right now, the word I say or the reaction I show will not be under my control and the consequences may lead to situations I don't want. I will just wait for the emotion to pass and then act with common sense and calmness, according to my values and goals.

It may not be easy to do this work when emotions are very high. So reading these sentences once every day will make you much more prepared.

Now, take an outside look at where you are today, despite all the challenges you have faced throughout your life. Realize the effort you have put into your career, your relationships or the opportunities you have. So protect your life from your unstable mood swings.

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