Face 2 Face Gone Wrong

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1 year ago

Raining morning has just start , the sky is too dark and hard to wake up and lazy me had the instict of not coming to the school even thought it was our first day there. So typical morning preparing for little bro to his school ,pack up his lunch and preparing his uniform . My favorite routine is to take care of him, well he was my love of my life aside to my parents .

When the preparation was all set its time to prepare myself for my afternoon class , prepare my mirienda , because this past few days im always hungry lol (really you just love food ,wondering were the food takes place ) so there .

But I have problem , my clothes are bit to tight and fit , and i dont like my clothes to be fit because i have the feeling that my undergarments can see through , typical a conservitive one . I took an hour fixing my clothes i forgot to ready it in the evening because i was so sleepy and tired on Sunday I slept early .

Now that I was done and and all set my father drive me in the waiting area of the cab or the tricycle area but sad to say tricycle nowadays have the attitude they just pass through and not bother to let me sit and they even told me if you get special you will pay me 50php and 70 php in that specific place for a student like me ,that was over price and the sad part is the other customer they drive it with a low price seriously, i know they are lot but leaving me behind even though i was the first waiting in line , i wait their for almost 30 minutes they eat my time, and the traffic is not a joke on the other station what happened to them Im a student , I almost got late in my class . My dad got angry and he drove me in another station.If you are wondering why my dad let me wait their in there in the first place is because he doesnt registered yet his motorcycle that time, he have a schedule it on Saturday or Friday .Im just dissapointed and mad i know its hard on making a living but please make it right dont over price ,actualy the wage is 40 pesos only if this is the special if this is the price they offer me i will sure grab it .

Its not that i was making tantrum here but well its just that.... , so i arrive at the school and look what i found out our prof told us to go home now because she is organizing her schedule , geez what a bad day , we ask our teacher if we can just take her class in there in our supposedtedly room and open our cam but she decline like what the heck and we dont have a choice and go home . And she told us she will meet us in google meet, we attend and we got a little confuse on what she is saying but take time , will take place . Let just put it in the lord hands so that its .

What an unlucky day we have there but despiste the circumstances we met again and been complete .It was been 2 years seen we see each other again well . Same old days ,its just years are just past through and goodluck to us , little years and months are running and we will graduate.

Take note follow your instict next time , hays I wish i follow mine that day .Credits to the owner of the pictures.

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1 year ago


Just pure disappointment over this matter. How unfortunate the situation turned out like that. Annoying!

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