"We know who we are when we are unhappy. But we do not know who we are when we are happy"

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To the extent that we now have trouble at this point with the feeling that we deserve to be happy, pain-free, and live well, it would be good to consider how we can increase our own worth and self-esteem. The state of happiness, fulfillment and health is not a privilege that belongs to the chosen ones, but belongs to all of us. The real question is, are we willing to enter a state of happiness, or are we hindered in doing so by fear of the unknown? We know who we are when we are unhappy. But we don’t know who we are when we are happy. Maybe this is the biggest blockade that hinders our health and happiness?

We fear our light more than our darkness.

If we are honest enough with ourselves, we will find that our biggest obstacle in life to accomplishing anything is the fear of change. Regardless of the state and position we are in, we are afraid to “lose” what we think defines us now. And yet, if we truly want to transcend the state and position we are in, now is the right time to enter the process consciously and responsibly.

In the beginning, it is necessary to form an intention, consciously allow and accept the changes brought about by energy healing.

The power of intention

Forming an intention means that we are determined to do something, so we set a goal, prepare a plan or direction. The purpose of treatment is essential, so it must be determined before starting the healing process. If we are not ready to heal something and our brains force us to “go over ourselves and heal the matter,” we are creating rebellion. Then the treatment becomes more painful than it should be. Healing is a natural organic process that happens when we are ready, determined and coordinated.

The power of permission

The permission is very strong, and if we don’t afford the treatment, we won’t receive it. Permission is also important when we “send” treatment to someone else. It’s similar to opening a door. Sometimes when we set a purpose and allow treatment, that’s actually all it takes for healing to happen. It works very strongly!

We can say it out loud or just to ourselves, but it’s best to calm the mind and focus our attention on what we’re doing and feeling. Let’s try to bring the thought into the present moment and not get caught up in the thoughts around how, why, when or anything else.


-I let the healing happen.

-I open my heart and let go of everything in the path of healing.

-We observe if we are afraid when we say this. We may need to relax, breathe, and strike again. Do we really 100% mean what we say? If not, there is nothing wrong. Let’s ask ourselves why, and try again later.

The power of acceptance

Acceptance is influenced by our self-esteem and how we value ourselves. The energy of the higher vibration (praise) coming into our system can be felt as unusual, even painful, in a good way, depending on what vibration we are in at the moment. So we run away from praise as they change our vibration if we let them.

An exercise to open up to receiving energy healing

We reduce our resistance to healing by imagining a door opening in our minds to allow healing to enter. We imagine that the healing energy is the same temperature as ours, so we feel it as soft and good and there is no shock at the same time. We can also imagine opening both hands in anticipation of a gift, or we can imagine a chest buried deep in our soul, locked there for years. Remove the dust from it and prepare it to open to light. Let's imagine it openly. "Yeah, I'm ready."

We settle comfortably where no one will disturb us. We determine the purpose of treatment (a good intention is, for example, “I want to feel better”).

Let us receive. (I allow myself to receive treatment now and feel better.) We can say it out loud or just in our minds.

We now allow the imagination to create its own image of how we open up and receive. When we do this, it’s like giving the green light to our biofield to rearrange itself so that we can already notice some energy changes at this point. Let’s take the time to make it happen. We work slowly and observe our emotions. Sooner or later we will feel a breakthrough in the problem we had in mind.

Thank you for reading my article.

Happy Sunday!


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