5 most beautiful Fountains in Slovenia

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Have you ever stopped while walking through Slovenian towns and villages and took a closer look at one of the interesting fountain? In Slovenia we find quite a few beautiful and special fountains.

Today,I will introduce

Robb's Fountain, Ljubljana

Probably the most famous fountain in Slovenia, and certainly the most famous fountain in Ljubljana, is Robb's well, which stands on Mestni trg in front of the City Hall. The fountain you see today is a replica, and the original is stored in the National Gallery of Slovenia.

The fountain was made between 1743 and 1751 by the Venetian sculptor and architect Francesco Robba. It was created after the example of famous Roman wells, three statues of river gods that adorn it, probably represent three Carniolan rivers: Sava, Ljubljanica and Krka, so the well is also known as the well of three Carniolan rivers. In the ground plan, the fountain has the shape of a trefoil or an old city seal.

Da Ponte's fountain, Koper

The Da Ponte fountain has been standing on Prešeren Square in Koper since 1666. The fountain is made in the form of a three-part bridge, which is a symbolic memory of the patron, the city podestà, and his surname. The decorativeness is emphasized by four pyramids with spheres. Water trickles into the trough through two pairs of masked mouthpieces. Stone double masks are attached to the sides of the pool, under the arch of the bridge.

Under the bridge is a stone pool, an octagonal water trough surrounded by fifteen pillars. On top of them are stone baskets, cones and bullets, and on the sides are the coats of arms of Koper's noble families who contributed money to build the well. The hanging chain is fastened between the decorated pillars so that the cattle once could not reach the trough. The well was used to collect drinking water until 1898. Prešeren Square was l. 1990 re-paved, and Da Ponte's fountain repaired and renovated.

Josipina's fountain, Radovljica

The fountain stands in the central square in the old town in the immediate vicinity of the former medieval fountain. At the top of the well is a statue of a schoolboy leaning on a medallion with the image of Josipina Hočevar, holding school books in his other hand. The statue was designed by the local sculptor Jožef Pavlin. The monument to Josipina Hočevar is one of the few monuments dedicated to women in gratitude for their good deeds. In 1906, she donated funds for the construction of the city waterworks in Radovljica. As a token of gratitude, the townspeople erected a monument in the shape of a fountain two years later.

Fountain on the Main Square in Novo mesto

The fountain on the Main Square in Novo mesto stands on the upper part of the Main Square. The fountain was declared a cultural monument of local significance in 1992. A marble, heptagonal fountain stands on a pedestal, to which three profiled stairs of the same material lead. In the middle rises a stone, round pillar with a stone hollow. At the edge of the fountain are carved verses of Kette’s poem In the Square. The well was designed by the architect Marjan Mušič, and was erected in 1955 on the site where a cast-iron fountain stood until 1903.

Hercules' Fountain, Ljubljana

You will find Hercules' Fountain in Ljubljana, in front of the Stična mansion, where Levstikov, Stari and Gornji trg meet. The original well stood there as early as the 17th century, but was later relocated and now stands in City Hall. In 1991, they made a copy that you can admire today in front of the Stična mansion. The grand opening of the fountain took place on the eve of Slovenia's independence.

Valvasor's views, Robb's fountain, and the original statue of Hercules, which kills a hydro or a lion, were used for the model; and dolphins beneath it. Unlike the original fountain, on which there were Latin verses on the pool plate, the menus of Janez Menart were engraved on the memorial plaque in the ground.

Thank you for reading.

Photos are taken from Wikipedija



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