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RogerVer- Bitcoin Angel Investor and Bitcoin Preacher

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Roger Keith Ver (born 27 January 1979 is an early investor in bitcoin, bitcoin-related startups and an early promoter of bitcoin.[2] He has been known as "Bitcoin Jesus" for his promotion of bitcoin.He now promotes Bitcoin Cash.

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he sold explosives on eBay and later pleaded guilty to three related felony charges. He served 10 months in prison, then moved to Japan in 2005. He renounced his United States citizenship in 2014 after obtaining a Saint Kitts and Nevis passport. He went on to serve as CEO of



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  • Bitcoin Foundation


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Location: Bitcoin Angel Investor

Website: //

Twitter: @Rogerkver

RogerVer, sometimes known as Bitcoin Jesus or the controversial Bitcoin Anti-Christ or Bitcoin Judas, owns Bitcoin. com, and is an investor in many of the world's largest Bitcoin companies. He started investing in Bitcoin in early 2011 and bought his first Bitcoin at around $ 1.

Roger, a former criminal, was sentenced to 10 months in U.S. Central Jail for his involvement in selling explosives on eBay, storing large quantities of explosives in multi-family apartment buildings and shipping via U.S. mail.

1. Beas

Roger owns and operates Bitcoin. Less. He mostly uses this domain to promote Biscay which was a result of a hard fork on the Bitcoin network on 1 August 2017.

There are reports of people losing funds using Biswas Wallet Roger Ver.

2. Bitcoin Foundation

Roger has funded 10,000 bitcoins for the Bitcoin Foundation. The initial board of directors consisted of Gavin Andresen, Mark Corpels, Charlie Sharma, John Metonis, Peter Vesnes.

Mark Corpels

Mark Carpels was the CEO of Mtizox when he failed, resulting in a loss of about 500 million in client funds and is currently facing criminal charges. Roger Ver MtGox investigation before the failure and found it worthy of his confidence.

Charlie Sheram

Charlie Sharma founded and scored BeatStant. In 2014, he pleaded guilty to federal charges and served more than a year in a federal prison.

Peter Vesnes

PS Wessens was involved with MtGox through CoinLab to attract everyone in the United States.

Gavin Andresen

Although both Gavin Andresen and John Metonis supported Craig Wright's stepdaughter Nakamoto, Wright could not provide any cryptographic evidence.


Ver Bitcoin owns fewer domain names. He originally rented domains to the Chinese Bitcoin exchange Okecoin. Maintain control after ver after an argument on payment and contract terms.

Since then, Ver Bitcoin has been updated. The site to include information about BCS which is the result of a hard fork on the Bitcoin network on 1 August 2017.

4. Memory dealers

Ver Founded in 1999. The company sells computer hardware, memory and routers for low prices. .

5. Investments

In his LinkedIn profile, Vare claims to be the first person in the world to invest in the launch of Bitcoin.

A list of investments:

Shapeshift: 16 million - first

8-September-2015 | Exchange

Description: No account protection required by any other block owned business design

Investors: Digital Currency Group, Roger Verr, Bruce Fenton, Michael Terpin, Trevor Coverco

Headquarters: Wake up

Country: Switzerland

Shapeshift: 53 0 53 million - seeds

10-Mar-2015 | Exchange

Description: No account protection is required by any other block owned business design.

Investors: Barry Silbert and Roger Verr

Headquarters: Wake up

Country: Switzerland

Pursio: 53 million - seeds

27-November-2014 | Financial services

Investors: RogerVer, Bobby Lee, Terrence Young, Federer's Club, Strongvici

Headquarters: San Francisco

Country: United States

Cinapult: 0 78 million - seeds

30 September 2014 | Wallet

Investors: Bitcoin Opportunity Corp., Roger Verr, First Mark Capital, Ariel Vuheis, Ear Miller

Headquarters: Panama City

Country: Panama

Dam: $ 0 19 million - seeds

March 26, 2014 | Wallet

Investors: Roger Ver, Sedcoin

Headquarters: Hong Kong

Country: China

Cephalo: 6 0 6 million - seeds

17 February 2014 | Exchange

Investors: Roger Verr, Nicholas Carey, Ario Vureis, private investors

Headquarters: Stockholm

Country: Sweden

BitPay: 51 million - seeds

7 January 2013 | Payment processor

Investors: Shakil Khan, Barry Silbert, Roger Verr, Ashton Kutcher, Matt Mullenweg, Ben Davenport, Trace Meyer, Jimmy Ferrerland

Headquarters: Atlanta

Country: United States


In late 2013, Ver donated more than $1 million worth of bitcoin to the Foundation for Economic Education

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RogerVer- Bitcoin expert

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Nicholas Cara co-founder, Blockchain



Tony Gallepi co-founder, BitPay

Trace Meyer is a bitcoin expert


Crack to Jesse Powellcio

Trace Meyer is a bitcoin expert

Thank you sir @RogerVer

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Written by   268
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