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I want to create a website, what do I do now

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2 years ago
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Today I came up with tricks on how to create a website. You can create your own website. You can do it with someone else.

But it is best to make it yourself. Because if you make it with someone else, a lot of your information stays with that person. Which will be light for your security. On the other hand it will cost you a lot more if you create a website with someone else. Here I will show you how to create your own website.

Want to create a website!

But without further ado, let's get back to the basics. But there are some things you need to keep in mind before opening a website.

They are:

1. What do you make the website for?

2. Build your own website for that reason.

3. How much can it cost to build your own website?

What do you make a website for?

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you can't fix it, you won't get any benefit from the website. Because you have to make the site exactly for the reason that you will make the site.

For example, if you create a site to sell the products of your organization and then if you add something else without adding the product there, then no one will find your site. Because it is very important to have a separate site for each subject.

Suppose someone buys a mobile phone. But then he will search on Google by typing the name or deletes of the mobile phone. Now if your site is related to mobile phone, then your site will also show in the search results. So you have to name your site according to your business or purpose and create your site that way. So that people can find your site when they search

Build your own website for the following reasons:

Since it will be your own website, it is better to create it yourself. Because it is easy to make yourself and can be made without any coding. Building with others will cost you a lot more than the security of your site.

When you create with others, a lot of the confidential content of your site remains with that person. As a result, your site may be hacked in the future or any other major damage.

How much can it cost to build your own website?

If you build it yourself, you can build your site at a much lower cost. Which I have said before. But first you need to know what it takes to build the site.

First you need a domain.

A guide on how to buy a domain

Secondly hosting is required.

Third is the need for a theme. Which you can also get for free.

However, you will not get the domain and hosting for the site for free. You have to spend a little money for this. You can get a domain for around ১০ 10 to 12. Which is about 800 to 1000 Bangladeshi rupees. It will cost you for one year.

And even if the price of the hosting package is a little higher, it can be bought at a discount almost all the time. You will get about 50% discount. Suppose a hosting package costs ড 30. But you can buy it at a discounted price of ড 15.

Then you can make a quality website for a total of about 2200 to 2500 rupees. But if you do it through someone else, it will cost you more than Rs 15,000.

Now I have shown below step by step how to create a website and how to buy a domain, hosting.

Lastly, it is important to have your own website if you want to run your own business. And since it is your own website, open a quality site yourself at low cost without giving a lot of money to others to build the site.

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Written by   268
2 years ago
Topics: Website
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