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France boycott movement: 'Why I don't use French products'

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1 year ago

Mishi Khan, Latif Ozdemir and Hiba Mohammed Musa

From Turkey to Bangladesh, from Jordan to Malaysia - there is a movement to boycott French products in different countries of the world.

Items labeled 'Made in France' have been removed from the shelves of some supermarkets in these countries.

Hashtags like #BoycottFrenchProducts are also being shared on social media.

The movement began in Muslim countries following remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron about Islam after a schoolteacher was beheaded in France.

Teacher Samuel Patty showed cartoons of the Prophet of Islam while teaching freedom of expression in class. After that he was killed.

After the assassination, the French president took a hard line against "hardline Islam" by criticizing Islam.

Mr. Macron said the teacher was killed "because Islamists want to take away our future. But France will not stop publishing these cartoons."

Earlier, when some cartoons of the Prophet of Islam were published in Shirley Abdo magazine in 2006, many Muslims around the world expressed their anger.

President Macron has been praised inside his country for his stance on secularism and freedom of expression.

Three others were later killed in an attack on a church in the city of Nice, and the French president called the attack a "terrorist attack by Islamists."

However, President Macron is being sharply criticized in various Muslim-majority countries, including Bangladesh. Thousands of people protested in the streets, calling for a boycott of French goods.

Three women Spoken - who have decided not to buy French products anymore.

Mishi Khan, Actress, Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistani actress, Mishi Khan.

I used French products, especially L'Oreal. It is very easily available in Pakistan. Now before I buy anything I try to make sure that it is not a French product by looking at the label on it.

I am now using Pakistani products instead of French products.

Why? Because the president of a country cannot wake up one day and insult the entire Muslim population.

I call on everyone on social media to boycott French products.

My conscience is very clear, because I have made this decision to present my position in favor of Islam.

Many have made fun of our religion and the Prophet. Enough is enough, no more. We have been forgiving those who have insulted Islam but now we are taking action.

I think Macron is deliberately trying to hurt us. It's like pinching someone and asking, 'Are you in pain?'

I think it's part of something bigger - I think he's trying to create hatred. He is dividing and inciting people.

He is evil and his speech will spread Islamophobia. What a country's president says affects the people of his country. He should have united everyone and respected everyone equally.

When I first saw Shirley Abdo's cartoons, I was speechless. At first I avoid these but later when I see it I am stunned. I cried. I ask God, "Why did I go to see such a thing?"

Latif Ozdemir, student, Istanbul, Turkey

Latif Ozdemir, Student from Turkey

I used some brand things almost every day. These include Garnier, Lakum and BIC.

But after this incident I will not buy any of these products anymore.

I am boycotting French products - because I want to say that we will not accept it anymore. I want to stand up against Islamophobia in France.

It is important to talk about this as a Muslim. Because we have been silent for a long time.

All we can do right now is get rid of the product.

Shirley Abdo has released another offensive cartoon to show our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that he is not wearing pants, only a T-shirt. A Muslim in a hijab with a beer in one hand and a hijab in the other is holding a woman's skirt.

This cartoon will hurt those who wear hijab.

Muslim women like me are struggling every day to highlight the positive aspects of Islam. They want to create an equal position in the society. Wants them to be given importance.

But watching this cartoon, it seems that Europe will never see us as a non-Muslim woman - which is really sad for us.

Cartoons and satires provoke important debates and thoughts. But Europe is painting a grim picture of Muslims.

More and more oil is being poured into the fire every time such cartoons are drawn. Do we want something in this world where we will attack and hate each other in the name of freedom of expression?

Hiba Mohamed Musa, student, Nuakchat, Mauritania

Hiba Mohammed Musa, Student from Mauritania.

I joined my family and friends in protesting against what was happening in France.

We are boycotting French products in the hope that the French economy will collapse. Hopefully, Macron will apologize to the two billion Muslims for making hate speech

We are now buying Turkish products instead of Laughing Cow Cheese. I had some French perfumes like Lacoste. I'm not buying these bottles anymore.

I wrote him a letter asking him to apologize to President Macron.

In the letter I asked him, if his teacher is a man to be respected, then what will happen to our prophets, they are also teachers!

What has angered us the most is his comparison of Islam with barbarism in his anti-Islamic rhetoric. It is an injustice and provocation that we can no longer tolerate.

The president of a country like France cannot speak in favor of a picture that is insulting to a people. It is not freedom of expression. Rather, it is an attack on a particular religious group. It's a very cheap thing. Through this he wants to achieve something in the political competition in France.

I can't remember when the cartoon of the Prophet of Islam was first published in Shirley Abdo. I was very young. But I remember the attack on the office of that magazine.

Everyone on social media was posting "I'm Shirley" instead of their profile picture.

At that time I avoided watching those cartoons. But later I saw them on Twitter. At that time I felt humiliated. Why can't Islam be respected like Judaism or Christianity?

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Written by   265
1 year ago
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Wow this is really good news... Salute for this three woman & Thanks...

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Wonderful article...


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The movement began in Muslim countries following remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron about Islam after a schoolteacher was beheaded in France.

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Thanks for your comments..

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