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Binance Launchpool?

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2 years ago
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We are all familiar with the Binance Launchpad. Which is one of the most popular means of IEO for token sale. However, most recently, Binance has added new features to the Binance launchpad. And that is the "Binance Launchpool".

To many, it is not clear what the Binance Lachanpool is. I hope today's discussion will try to give the right idea to those who are not clear about the issue of Binance Launchpool.

So let's go back to the main discussion without further ado.

What is Binance Launchpool?

We head back a little to the front of the Binance Launchpool. We know that the token cell in the Binance launchpad has certain conditions of participation. Many people can't participate in IEO or token sale because they can't fulfill it.

However, the launch pool is a simple feature where anyone can take part.

However, the launch pad and the launch pool are not the same thing. Tokens are sold on the launchpad. But token free is available in the launch pool subject to conditions.

In a word, the launch pool is Token Farming Features.

The first journey to the launchpool began with the farming of the Bella Protocol. Which starts from 09/09/2020.

What are the benefits of participating in the launch pool?

In order to participate in the launchpad token cell, you have to fulfill some more conditions. If you can meet certain conditions, you will be considered for the lottery for the launchpad token sale. You can buy launchpad tokens only if your number rises in the lottery. For which N 200 BNB will be deducted from you.

But you don't have to buy tokens at the launch pool. You will be given free, just to stock the tokens associated with BNB and Launchpool tokens. If you stock some tokens (farming) you will get the launch pool token free which will be mentioned at the time of adding the project to the launch pool.

For example, for BEL, you can stock any token from BNB, BUSD, ARPA tokens or whatever you want. And if you take part in this stock, you will get BEL token free every day.

So, if you stock some tokens, you will get the launch pool token free, it will be told in the announcement of the project mentioned in the launch pool.

The funny thing is, you can get out of your stacking whenever you are happy. However, when you get out of stacking, you will not get the free token that you used to get every day.

In other words, according to the current rules, each project added to the launch pool will get a free token by stacking for a period of 1 month. In this 1 month you will get the launch pool tokens as long as you keep stacking tokens specific to your BNB or firm. If you skip stacking, you will also lose the token.

For example, I stocked 56 BNB to get BEL token here. Here I can stock BUSD and ARPA if I want. The more you stack, the more tokens you get. Here I got a total of 7 BEL tokens in 17 days.

The tokens you get by stacking or farming can be sold at any time. That means I can sell my BEL token anytime I want. This will not have any effect on the firm.

Can you take part in all the launch pool firms in one stacking?

Binance first added two project launches in a very short time. The first is BEL and the other is WING.

These two tokens had the advantage of being in one stock. In other words, as a result of the 56 BNB stacking that I have done, I am getting two tokens.

However, this method has changed. Two days ago, it was announced that the new arc would be added to the project launch pool. However, to get this new token, you need to stack separately. This means that I am being given BEL and WING only for the 56 BNB stacking that I have done.

If I want to get a new token added to the Binance launch pool, I have to stack it separately.

The stacking count of Flamingo (FLM) tokens for farming will start from 27/09/2020. I stacked 26 BNB separately to get this token. The FLM token will be distributed daily by counting the stacking of all from the day the farming starts i.e. 26th.

How much will you get for the token added to the launch pool?

How many tokens you get when you stack to get the launch pool tokens will depend on a number of factors. The issues are-

1) The total amount of tokens to be added to the launch pool will be distributed to the launch pool.

2) On how much stacking is going on to get that token.

Here again we will try to understand with the example of BEL. For example, here the budget for each day calculated in 30 days is 166,666,667 BEL which is mentioned in place of Daily Rewards.

Now there are BNB stocks of just over 18 million (29.08%), BUSD stocks of over 212 million (6.04%), and ARPA stocks of just over 179 million (39.99%).

Now those who have BNB stocks will get 29.08% of this daily budget. Those who have stockpiled BUSD will get 6.04%. And 39.99% who have ARPA stocks.

Now here I have 57 BNB stock so I can be in 29.08%. Now this 29.08% BEL equals the amount that is going to be in the daily budget divided by the total stacked BNB. Adding my stocked BNB to the amount of BEL per 1 BNB will calculate how much BEL I can get per day.

The reason for talking so much is that it is not possible to say exactly how many launch pool tokens you will get every day. Because the total amount of stacking can increase or decrease. And the total amount of stacking will depend on how much launch pool tokens you get.

How to do stacking?

Stacking is a must if you want to start farming from Binance Launchpool. In order to do stacking, you must first have an account in your bank account. Which you can do from here (with the benefit of getting up to 35% fee back).

Once the account is complete, enter the Binance Launchpad. Here you can see which tokens are running in the launch pool and which tokens will be launched in front.

For example, WING and BEL are running in the picture below and FLM is preparing to launch from 27/09/2020.

To separate the launch pool token and the launchpad token, you need to specify which launch pool token and which launchpad token. As you can understand by looking at the marked text in the picture above.

Now suppose you want to stack to get the new token i.e. FLM token. Then choose which token you will be stacking.

Here two options called Flamingo BNB and Flamingo BUSD are shown separately. You can stack on both if you want. You can do it again in any one if you want.

Assuming you do BNB stacking. Then you click on Flamingo BNB's Stake now. Click on the Stake button from the next page that will take you.

After clicking on the Stake button, a pop-up window like below will open. Enter the amount of BNB you want to stack in the box here and click the Stake button again.

Remove or redeem the stacking

If you want to view or redeem your stacked balance, go to Wallet >> Savings from your account. Here you will find the option to redeem or break the stacking by viewing the history of your stacked token. You can cancel by clicking on Redeem to cancel the stacking.

This was a discussion of the Binance Launchpool. Hopefully from this discussion it will be clear to those who had some vague ideas about the Binance Launchpool

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Written by   268
2 years ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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